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Engagement has changed and so should the way you connect with prospects...

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As part of your overall strategy, B2B live streaming is probably the most effective and engaging approach to prospecting simply because it combines the anonymity of podcasts, the spontaneity of live and the ability to publish and record same time, whilst blending online chat if required.  

Get over Lockdown & Go Live!

It wasn't just COVID that stopped businesses being able to connect with new prospects. That stopped long ago.  Everyone knows finding businesses that are either in the market for your products or could be convinced to look at your products is virtually impossible.

What is achievable is reaching out to vast numbers of people via email or social media and inviting them to watch your live stream where they can 'dip in' anonymously and keep visiting until they're ready. 

Nothing can connect with new businesses like live streaming

We take a dual approach for live streaming. Either we set up the live studio (at your offices or a studio) for each programme or you invest in the technology to be used at your premises and we operate it or we can train your staff to operate it themselves.

Video or live requires individuals who are comfortable talking about your business and or communicating with others connected to it. It may be easier to think of live shows as a blend of video and podcasts.

Whilst live streaming requires technical management, it does not necessarily require editing. That said there is software that can be used to give the impression of transmitting live and for operators to answer any chat or questions viewers may have at the time - but still enable the technical side to stop and start filming and to edit out any unwanted 'bloopers'!

SalesXchange Live Streams

The Scale Up Strategy

Start thinking about your live show as the beginning of your .TV channel.  There is no other or better way of connecting to and with your prospects. 

You already know you can't telephone them, email them or send them 'snail mail'.  Todays economy places everyone at home and so your only alternative is to create a regular video live stream where they can anonymously connect with you and gradually warm to you and you business. 

We'll creatre an intro, a welcome graphic, lower thirds name and titles.  You can also include Skype video or Zoom calls as picture in picture (PIP).  You can include web pages with your logo and branded borders and of course multiple switchable cameras pointed at you and your guests and feeds connected to compter screens to enable you to present slides or carry out software demonstrations.

The Equipment We Use

It doesn’t take much to get things going when it comes to live streaming.  It really can be a matter of getting out your mobile phone and your away.  But there is the issue of looking to impress your existing and prospective customers.

Starting with cameras, we opted for the Panasonic GH5’s as they were the most versatile, not just for live streaming but for video and photography too.  They accept full size HDMI cables which are very easy to buy.

Panasonic GH5 Camera

The cameras connect to a camera switcher called an ATEM Mini, made by an Australian company called Blackmagic, who also make cinema grade cameras and editing software.  It’s pretty straight forward, you press a button to select a camera/angle.

Next up is the broadcasting software which connects with the Internet and your live streaming providers such as Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn.  Many other video hosting platforms also provide live streaming if you have a requirement to broadcast to a larger audience.  The software we use is called Ecamm, which is an Apple only product.

Ecamm provides the functionality to use green screens, graphics, invite guests, insert title graphics and loads more.

Ecamm Web Page Image

However there is a free alternative called OBS that is extremely popular to work on PC.

OBS web page image

Working in conjunction with Ecamm is a programmable unit called a Stream Deck by Egalto, that activates programs set up within Ecamm, for example when one scene finishes after a timed duration, it automatically steps to the next visual sequence.  If you wanted to show a web page, you simply press a pre-programmed button and the web page would slide in from the left or right, pretty much like a PowerPoint presentation.  There are hundreds of uses for the Stream Deck.

Egalto Stream Deck image

And finally, it is possible to connect to a middle-operator like Restream who enable you to simultaneously broadcast to all your main internet providers at the same time.

Restream Broadcasting web page image

Convert your office to a studio

People working from home has become the new working practice.  If like most businesses you made your office 'safe', yet people are still not returning, what better opportunity than to convert part of your office in to a studio.

We'll help you get set up with a backdrop, sound proofing, lights and so on and if you want to go the distance, we'll help you get all the equipment installed and set up and train your staff to become your production team.

But don't worry, if you want us to do everyting, we can and will.  The important factor is to remember that every piece of content will remain valid for years to come, making any expenditure and tax-freee and worthwhile investment.

Meetings & Presentations

Using the same technology as live streaming, by adding the professionalism of Zoom or Skype meetings and presentations can be elevated to a significantly superior level than probably any of your competition.

With the right set-up you are able to switch to different cameras, use picture-in-picture displays, show slide-in T.V. like titles and deliver the most professional presentation your prospects have seen.

This technology extends to home offices and is our general recommendation to help your business compete at the very highest level and deliver the most impressive first impression, all from the comfort of your main office, home office or both.

There is no time to be a late-commer.  Early adoption of this technology is essential for the survival of your business.

Time to Replace Cold Calling

Live Streaming is the most effective way to connect with new businesses.  We both know cold-calling is finished, but the trouble is, no one knows what the alternative is supposed to look like.  It's live streaming!

I menionted in my previous videos about digital selling that the only way to connect with new prospects is to tell them you're broadcasting a live show and invite them to attend anonymously.  this get's over the problem of potential cusrtomers being put off by constant cold calls if they give out their contact details.

The promotion of live streaming works hand-in-glove with pay-per-click banner advertising on LinkedIn or Facebook.  You tell your ideal audience you're putting on a show and they come and watch.  IF they have a question you can anser it, again, anonymously.

As I've said before, 1% of your target market are looking to buy at any one time.  Buy in a 10,000 name database, email them once a week to tell them the items of the next show and what you did in last weeks show.  

Next, upload the email database to LinkedIn and pay for a banner campaign to appear in the news feeds of the entire database.  Approximately 100 people per week will be looking and any percentage watching your show is moving in the right direction.

Consider this; one person prepares the emails and gets them sent out,  The same person broadcasts the show.  This person would connect and communicate to more prospects than a team of business development representatives! 

Digital Selling Workshops

When it comes to Live Streaming, the best strategy is for your team to be self-sufficient.  We would work with your staff to help get your live streaming studio set up and operational. It's quicker and more effective to engage us to help get people trained up than it is working it out from scratch. 

If this is something that makes sense to you, then take a look at our Digital Selling Workshops, to see how we could help your business.

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