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Blackmagic Design

In this age of technology, we are fortunate to have organisations like Blackmagic Design who have amazing vision for integrated live streaming solutions. 

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Nigel Maine

“For decades, B2B sales and marketing have trailed behind all other forms of advertising and promotion and has held back success.  This is all about to change in spite of rumours of a recession or techno-bust.”  

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Blackmagic Design
The Company

One of the most widely used and successful video production companies in the world is Blackmagic, based in Australia.  Blackmagic have served the film and video production industry for over 25 years and are the central source of technology we use to deliver B2B live streams to your prospects and customers.

As with many technology industries today, Blackmagic have positioned themselves in the tele-cine, film, and postproduction market and brought together complementary products we now use today.

Starting with the cameras, Blackmagic have their three main offerings; one range for the studio, one for handheld filming and finally the larger production range, the top of which is known as the world’s most advanced digital film camera, commonly used for documentaries and films.

The Blackmagic eco-system includes, 4K and 8K green screen interfaces used from Sky Television to blockbuster films, high 8K resolution recorder/players, Web Streaming and the best camera and video switchers on the market.

In total, Blackmagic have fourteen different product ranges from monitor screens to network storage to routing and distribution. 

There is one more product to mention which is important to our presentation of Blackmagic and that is their DaVinci Resolve editing software. 

Whilst used on recent blockbuster productions such as Dune, the Marvel films, and the Jurassic Park franchise, DaVinci Resolve enables us (not to edit blockbusters, but) to edit and manipulate our live shows, postproduction to ensure the very best recorded versions are uploaded to YouTube, LinkedIn and of course, your website.

I know it might not mean anything to you just yet, but once you begin to see your business through the lenses of high-quality video and postproduction I believe you will feel the same sense of excitement and expectation as I do, simply because most business people have never given themselves the opportunity to engage in this medium and to realise it is the  entrepreneurial missing piece of the jigsaw, means you’re able to see your business in a very different light and realise your plans, hopes and dreams for the future.  

Blackmagic Design
The Technology

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Ultimatte Green Screen Programming Console
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Da vinci resolve editing suite

People all over the world live stream from an event or news story from their mobile phones, directly to Facebook or Twitter, now it’s your turn.  We’re not using iPhones, but the technology to produce the most engaging live show your prospects have ever seen.  

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