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I started off in retail management working with photography and my direct sales career began selling office technology (from office systems to telephone systems to CRM) and then specialising in integrated marketing technologies. 

So like you, I experienced cold-calling, networking and testing every angle to get connected to those ever-elusive decision makers, so we've both 'been there and got the T shirt'.

Our focus is to help you generate more new business at a lower cost than you could do by yourself.  By applying our three strategies, we want to create multiple opportunities and business communities, drawing in new prospects, contacts and customers, breaking down the typical tension between buyers and sellers and increasing profits.

From a personal perspecive, we also have a desire to help business understand they have been given a gift, as a catalyst, to help individuals through employment and mentorship to impact others' lives. This is why we have two online ministries, www.thestandard.org.uk aimed at Christian Business Owners and www.askaboutfaith.org.uk, both of which help people with questions about faith or church or any other religious aspect of their search. 

No one is a professional at this, however, as part of the ministries we've set up, we mentor young people and some not so young, helping them to live their best lives and help them understand what's happening in their day-to-day environments.

If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always got.

Nigel Maine | Managing Director - salesXchange Ltd


2 Pleasant Place, West Hyde, Hertfordshire, UK

0800 970 9751  |  07547 187383

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