Thanks for looking through our website.  I thought I'd give you some of my back-story and tell you a bit about what's driven us and not fall into the trap making the About Us page all about the company, there's enough on that already.  I've also put a player for one of our podcasts if you'd prefer to listen...

I started working in retail in the early 80's and after travelling through Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Australia, entered retail management in photography.  By the mid 80's I was selling office technology and in 1987 I started my first business with a partner and officially became unemployable!  We sold everything that could be installed in an office - from photocopiers the size of a room, to fax machines to computer systems and office furniture and refurbishment. 

By 1994 I was focusing on telecoms, which lead to CRM and then on to automated marketing systems.  Eventually in 2009 I entered into full-time marketing consultancy as I realised that marketing and technology would get my blood racing. 

So probably like you, I experienced cold-calling and networking and testing every angle to get connected to those ever-elusive decision makers, so we've both 'been there and got the T shirt'. 

I also lived through and survived some of the most serious adversity in family and business, therefore I can empathise with you about the challenges you face on a daily basis.

My focus now, after many years in the trenches and working with technology, not-for-profit, hospitality, service and fintech industries, is to help you create more new business at a lower cost than you have ever done before. 

I remember a TV advert tagline  '...because life is difficult enough as it is!' I know from experience, if you can get your business firing on all cylinders then you can apply the right focus to other areas of your life where and whenever needed.

By applying the strategies on this website, I want to help you create multiple opportunities, drawing in new prospects, contacts and customers, breaking down the typical tension between buyers and sellers and increasing your profitability.

I run salesXchange with my wife Liz who also sold telecoms technology (phone systems and voice recording) and is also an expert events planner and administrator.  Supporting us is our talented Head of Syndicate Management, Dean who will get on 'like a house-on-fire' with your sales teams and help them develop their 'connected' strategies. 

Between us (I believe), we have formed an authentic and exciting revenue strategy approach for your business that delivers the freedom you always wanted when you decided to run your own business. 

If you like what you've seen on this website and you're looking for a new marketing partner, then let's talk.

Best of luck for your next decision...

All the best, Nigel Maine

If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always got.

Nigel Maine | Managing Director - salesXchange Ltd
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