B2B Video for Digital Selling

Every business needs to 'up its game' and the only way to do that in today's economy is by elevating your business profile with audio and video.

B2B Video for Digital Selling

B2B Video Marketing Advice & Suppliers

B2B Sales Video Production has come a long way from a full film crew and associated costs.  Today, video production is agile, responsive and most importantly cost justified if executed properly.  Your messages need to be available 24/7, 365, making B2B sales video more effective and profitable than some of the best sales people.

B2B Video can take many forms as they vary from a short social media clips to encourage browsers to visit or download from your website, to longer content to include explanations or thought leadership pieces.

Our approach relates to consultative selling of complex products or services.  We understand the nuances of corporate selling, including ABM and provide three video styles. 

One minute of video is worth 1.8m words!


Video is about communicating your message to your audience. If you have a complex or consultative type sale, then our objective working with you is to tease out that information that enables you to simplify the sale.

We've heard about the feel, found, felt, the feature attribute benefit, the whole process of communicating what it is that you do, in the simplest format for your customers.

We know that it's a technique in itself, not to overcomplicate things. We don't want to do that here with video either.

The bottom line is that we can have a single camera and communicate a message, or we can have a slider as we have here, which will gradually moved backwards and forwards and just introduce a bit of interest into the film.

But the bottom line is that our approach is not about producing a flashy corporate video, although we'll do that, And it's a lot of fun doing it. And it's not just about producing a stylized product video. Our objective with you, is to help you create a consultative selling approach and video to you communicating a complex subject.

So that's it, it's not very long one just to say, this is how we would go about it. This is what we think is the best thing for you to do. Thanks for watching. I'll see you in the next one. 

#1 About Us Video

70-80% of the sales process is carried out 'digitally' by prospects, that means all their research is done without them contacting you or allowing you to contact them.

The first step is to create an 'About Us' video to show who you are, take a look at my About Us Video to see how I've approached this.  Capture your first meeting and sales process on video no matter how complex the product or service. We'll help you choose the right strategy, whilst using your existing sales talent to be the 'stars' of the videos. 

From previous meetings, you already know the typical questions and format your prospects expect, we simply capture that on video to increase your exposure and generate more new business enquiries.

#2 Business Overview Video

Whether it starts with flashing lights, a sun-drenched beach or an aerial clip of the City of London, your product videos need to identify the problem and explain how you deliver the solution.  

The key is to be succinct and to the point, whether you have a physical product or software or if you're selling professional services.  You need to help teach/educate your prospective customers to understand why they need your product and you. 

#3 Digital Selling Videos

The 'buzz' word is origin! People want to know who you are and where you came from before they decide to engage with you. That's why your About Us page is probably the most popular. From shooting at your office, boardroom or home offices, we capture the essence of what drives you, your expertise and professionalism.

We scope out the most suitable filming locations and confirm the type of message you want to portray. We create the screenplay, shooting sequences, numbers of cameras and scripts to be uploaded to the teleprompter.

Once the screenplay and processes have been mapped out on our software, we send it to you for approval before filming. There are various options when it comes to editing and the final product, but everything gets agreed in advance so there are no surprises.

But it doesn't stop there.  Here are some more examples/suggestions for B2B video: -

  • Interviews with customers & Suppliers
  • Case Studies
  • Training for all products
  • Explainers
  • Sales Presentations
  • Product Descriptions
  • Vlog/Blog
  • Business B Roll
  • Customer Sites
  • Customer Offices
  • Customer Testimonials
  • Staff Events
  • CSR/Charity Related
  • Business Documentary
  • Product History
  • Product Development
  • Product Future

Examples of Our Videos

To date we have filmed and produced over 70 videos and counting.  Everything we do is in-house.  This is something we 100% recommend for your business to do.  Once you're able to produce your own content you can grow and develop your business tone-of-voice and become more authentic in the eyes of your prospects and customers.

The Scale Up Strategy

The Planning Process

Don't worry, we take care of all the complicated issues, you only need to think about what you would like to say.  Here is a breakdown of the overall process to give you a better idea of timescales and your involvement.

In basic terms, there are four phases or blocks of time:

Phase 1 - Preparation

We meet, discuss your business and current sales strategy and ultimately recommend a plan for videos.  During this phase we scope out the plan for each script, shooting location(s) and incidental video, images and graphics.  With our help, you and your team would complete the scripts and together we help polish them in readiness for the teleprompter.

Our team then get to work mapping out the screenplay, camera angles, lighting and audio in preparation for filming.  Everything is signed off in advance to give complete peace of mind before we say 'Action'.

Phase 2 - Filming

We arrive at location armed with microphones, lights and cameras and set up as previously agreed.  If we're filming multiple videos, your 'talent' will have different changes of clothes to ensure the audience believes the filming happend over multple days and not one immediately after the other.

We typically shoot additional footage (called B Roll) to complement the video and may use stock footage to help lift the imagery if required.

Phase 3 - Editing

After the filming is wrapped up, we set about crafting each video into a great sales delivery masterpiece that keeps your viewers 'glued' to their phones or PCs. 

This is where we blend the secondary video, graphics, audio and sounds to make the experience as natural as possible for your prospects and viewers.  We also process and edit the transcript to provide captions (sub-titles) and also provide you with the content to use for SEO.

Phase 4 - Approval
Before we call it a wrap, we present the videos to you and your team for any last minute edits before each video is uploaded by your team to your website and video channels such as YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn etc.

Things to consider about B2B Video

As you would expect, we make sure every video has the right titles, introduction, a beginning, middle and an end, concluding with a call-to-action. With the help of clear copywritten scripts and screenplays prepared in advance, it's not as complicated as it sounds.

All content has an extremely long shelf life. It works for you, 24/7, 365 days a year, so we ensure your library of content is cohesive and educates your viewers, encouraging them to buy in to you as well as buy from you.

Sales and marketing videos contribute to the silent conversation that happens whilst prospects are in their research phase.  

Things to consider when thinking about video content;

  • Do you need a corporate video?
  • What videos are needed for social media
  • What to say in a sales/selling video
  • Do you need training videos to complement FAQs
  • Using thought leadership and group discussion videos
  • Recording podcasts and should you video them too?
  • Filming case studies, which customers?
  • Who should start copywriting or preparing screenplays before we meet?
  • What needs to be included in the introduction video sequence
  • What would the call-to-action be on the ending or outro sequence
  • Departmental and general video for internal comms
  • Can you identify a complete video series, number of episodes and duration
  • Filming locations, availability and time scales available
  • Working out the marketing strategy to promote videos etc.

Your Call-to-Action...

As you can see, with a little forward planning it's easy to get organised and start converting your existing sales strategy to one that can be presented to a local, national or even global audience, matching your exact marketing plan, irrespective of COVID or national lockdowns.

It's quicker and more effective to engage a small team to parachute into your business and implement a Digital Selling Strategy.  If this is something that makes sense to you, then take a look at our Digital Selling Workshops, to see how we could help your business.

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Digital marketing is about providing the content your prospects are demanding before they'll speak to you.  So speak to us first...

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