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The Most Exciting Strategy, Ever...

No other new business development strategy has the scale, reach and engagement as live streaming.  The most exciting thing about this approach is very few businesses are even aware of it.

According to Gartner, 83% of buyers want to keep their identities and plans confidential until such time as they want to talk to a salesperson, because it’s private, right?  That’s why telesales and BDR’s never achieve the scale of connection and engagement you want or need. 

Our background is in technology sales and consultancy.  Then we pulled apart marketing to understand why it wasn’t delivering and by combining nearly forty years’ business experience, we created an extensive new business strategy, unlike anything you have seen before.

Live Steam Shows for Every Business

Whether it's live stream shows, videos or podcasting, everything you do regarding digital selling is dependent on what you sell and the services you offer as well as your existing customer base and background. 

All these create the foundation of your live shows or video.  Here’s what we do: -

Define the overall Strategy – Scale, Frequency, Promotion and Content

  • Review of existing website and content
  • Production – Show Flow & Show Segments (23 options and counting)
  • Studio Design, Sound-proofing, lighting and fit Out
  • Direction and queuing hosts
  • Recording/Filming
  • Motion Graphics in. Titles, Splash Screens
  • Broadcast Planning – Setting up LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, and Your Website
  • Podcast Reproduction – Transposing the Live Stream to a Podcast
  • System Administration

 As a more formal approach, we have provided a Statement of Works which details everything we would do.  Naturally it would be customised to suit your live shows, but the important element is for you to see our approach.

For more information, take a look at the Go Live page which explains everything in detail, provides examples of each stage and concludes with all the relevant project management documentaiton we have developed to ensure your are well-informed from start to finish. 

Content & Conversion

The live show is a great experience for all your prospects and customers, but it is contingent on providing an equally great experience from your website, especially when considering that the initial promotion will drive new traffic to your website and so will each live show, podcast and accompanying description.

It is quite likely your website and content are pretty much spot-on, and any changes can easily be done in house.  If not, we will provide the necessary consultancy to ensure their experience is exemplary and your online offering converts as it should.

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Nigel Maine
Stone, Staffordshire, UK

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75% of investment backed businesses never achieve their stated targets. 

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