Syndicate Introductions

Your business is introduced to the customers and prospects of four other businesses in your syndicate, increasing exposure by a massive 400% virtually overnight and, we make sure each syndicate member has a similar number of customers and prospects to keep things balanced.

Your salesXchange Business Development Consultant manages the syndicate group to make sure you get to meet all the right syndicate contacts. Syndicate Introductions are just the beginning...

BDM Meetings

Management of inter-company meetings to ensure success of 1-2-1s


Create an action plan to systematically meet all syndicate customers


Plan ahead for all your sales people and "up" your activity rate


Generate genuine referrals from more sources than ever before


Redefine your new business structure and outlook for generating sales


Start planning ahead and revolutionise your financial forecasting

You're going to need a new strategy or it's going to be a really tough year!

We’re not saying that the typical sales model is completely broken, but with introduction of GDPR in May 2018, there needs to be a different approach.

At the moment, most marketing companies are planning to increase their revenue by telling you to do more advertising, more content, more video and more “social” activities in order to attract more customers. On the face of it, this seems quite logical, however, now you need to factor in that every person in the B2B selling space is going to be doing the same thing.

How will GDPR affect B2B sales?

  • Firstly, you must have express permission to email people and companies. This is known as a double “opt-in”. Having a personal email address will constitute having “Personal Data” and therefore anyone has the right to be forgotten and can demand that you fully erase their data from your records.
  • Secondly, you will no longer be able to simply email someone if you come across their email address. You will only be able to email info@ or department@ or contact@. Data Controllers must have a legal basis for processing and collecting personal data.
  • Finally, if the company you are looking to approach has registered on the Corporate Telephone Preference Service, you will not be able to telephone cold-call them either.

The penalty is quite severe! Up to 4% of annual global revenue or €20 million, whichever is greater.

It makes me wonder why the overall severity. I understand about B2C and personal data, but this really hampers businesses. Is it that the people deciding on these new rules want to actively restrict business? Have they ever been in business? Whatever the reason, there demands a new approach to finding new business – and fortunately we have it.

syndicate introductions

Innovation & Growth

Achieving success with these two business elements can be time-consuming, but essential to your future.

Paving the way to a successful future

To start with, you have already "sold" to your existing customers and therefore your account managers or salespeople are now managing the accounts. The life-time-value (LTV) may increase or decrease depending on how you support them, but the initial value of the sale has been achieved and now you are receiving maintenance or some other ongoing payment.

salesXchange enables your customer base to connect to your syndicate resources and the four other related businesses, to create genuine business opportunities and establish a unique community.

Imagine being introduced to all the existing customers of four other businesses and being able to ask them, whether their contacts would like to receive your syndicate content or attend your events? This is referral marketing on steroids!

Simplicity is the key with salesXchange; we know business marketing is noisy and crowded so we devised a complete "New Business" approach that satisfies everyone involved, from your customers to your sales teams to your support staff.  You may have the best product in the world, but if you can't get "face-time" with new prospects, sales will drop and costs will escalate.

salesXchange is the only solution that will enable your business to increase exposure to new businesses and encourage genuine engagement and referrals through an innovative and focused framework.

Your Business Development Consultants

Nigel Maine
Managing Director

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Dean Grimshawe
Head of Syndicate Management

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Liz Maine
Operations & Events Director

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