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We organise two Syndicate Events each year and invite everyone's customers and prospects to get involved.  'People-buy-people' and the simplest way to start the sales process is to get to know them.


Invite all existing customers (and any prospects if you want to) to a business-to-business networking event.  Your syndicate group decides what level of hospitality you want to offer, from teas and coffee (which is included) up to silver service drinks and full buffet, depending on your agreed budget.

Each company gets to address the room of attendees to say hello and there is a hospitality meeting area for each syndicate member and accompanying banner/exhibition stand.

  • Venue:

    Private room at a local hotel

  • Start Time

    Typically 5:30pm to 8:00pm


We coordinate the provision, layout and set up of exhibition stands in conjunction with your existing suppliers. 

All customers and prospects will be invited to the exhibition event, held at a hotel or  conference centre, local to you and your syndicate members.

This is an ideal opportunity to meet, share or indeed close deals and at the same time, introduce members to each other's customers.

  • Venue:

    Meeting/Conference room at a local hotel or Conference Centre

  • Start Time

    Typically 11:00am to 7:00pm

It's more than just sending out the invites!

Here's where all the psychology and technology come in to play. Your customers are plagued with requests for webinars, seminars, exhibitions, you name it. When you look at what's happening with Artificial Intelligence (AI), the plan is to second guess your customers next move.  But the bottom line - we're all human.  We like to socialize and get to know people.

Syndicate Events give you the ability to reach out to customers and genuinely welcome them into your collective community without it looking or being false. It's not simply the shared cost, it's about presenting a new way to think about the interaction between buyer and seller.  Don't forget, they're in the same boat.

By carefully combining your face-to-face messages when meeting your customers to sending out invitations linking to landing pages, we embark on a multi-touch campaign to encourage your contacts (customers and prospects) to attend your Syndicate Event.

syndicate events
syndicate event banners
syndicate event photography

Our Syndicate Event "To-Do List"

  • Send out invitation emails

  • Registration Landing Pages

  • Post Registration Thank You Page

  • Thank You for Registering Email

  • Promote on Syndicate Facebook Page

  • Promote on Syndicate LinkedIn Page

  • Design & Print Banner Stands

  • #1 Looking forward to meeting you on...

  • #2 Two days to go ...

  • #3 See you later today

  • Thank you for coming, see you next time

  • Create article on Syndicate Blog

  • Upload photos to website "gallery"

  • Upload photos to Facebook Page

  • Upload photos to LinkedIn Company Page

  • Obtain feedback from syndicate members

  • Communicate success to syndicate

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