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Providing a difference of opinion or highlighting areas that have been affecting businesses, can be seen as a 'god-send' to some or perhaps something not many want to hear.  Marketing or new business is a touchy subject for many businesses, especially if their senior marketers or sales people are not achieving expectations.

Nigel Maine has plenty to say when it comes to start-ups, businesses looking for investment and indeed established organisations looking to genuinely 'move the needle'.

Combining a passion for B2B success and someone who practices what he preaches, Nigel is a keen videographer, podcast host, editor and all-round new business development consultant, able to help business professionals better understand the roles sales and marketing have played in the past and what needs to change for the future if people want to stay in business and master 'digital selling' (Warning!  Nigel may upset some marketers!).

From The Business Technology & Marketing Handbook, a 260 page guide to help businesses exploit and integrate technology, to his most recent illustrated B2B marketing reset guide, Nigel has consistently demonstrated his determination to help businesses succeed and to help steer them to success rather than failure like so many have done so in the past. 


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Marketing Playbook

Press Release: Whitepaper Published 21-10-20

On 21st October 2020, we published a white paper explaining why poor marketing and a reliance on technology has damaged businesses.  To read the controversial report.  Click below:

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