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Digital Selling Transformation

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For Funded Start Ups, Venture Capital & Investment Backed Organisations

Customer experience and customer engagement are intrinsicly linked to sales and marketing, however, adoption of apps and digital touchpoints for prospects, customers and staff are part of the mix, yet without the knowledge and experience of digital marketing and digital selling, a high percentage of Digital Transformation initiatives regularly fail (Forbes).

Digital Transformation failure rates are in part connected, to the misunderstanding of what digital marketing is, and how this differs from digital selling and how it should be applied within an organisation.

Technology alone cannot transform a business.  A deep understanding of the factors effecting success start with the organisational chart and how the business generates income and by whom.

Working with SalesXchange

Current thinking is restricting business sales.  The average turnover per person per annum is £80-150k based upon a dated sales and marketing framework that has never been able to break this ceiling due to the one-to-one ratio of telesales, BDR's and sales people to prospects. 

As an Interim Digital Selling Transformation Expert I will give your funded start up or existing business the needed direction and advantage to help steer your venture to sustainable profitability and long-term success.

Dymistifying digital and empowering your teams to exploit new business development combined with the adoption or restructuring of internal systems will increase the profit-to-person ratio that you expected for your venture/organisation. 

Duration.  Negotiable.

Scheduling.  Negotiable.

Deliverable.  An illustration of activities are as follows:

  • Review and assess the existing sales & marketing plan and overall marketing infrastructure and assets
  • Review analytics, conversion rates and KPI’s
  • Review sales, marketing and technology integration
  • Establish a new overall new business strategy that helps you overcome current hurdles and lay the foundation for the future growth of your business
  • Inject new ideas and creativity into an existing plan (if one exists), with the ability to deploy and execute the changes effectively and efficiently
  • Bring a fresh perspective for the senior leadership team and help to lead a cultural transformation of your business marketing
  • Lead your existing marketing team to implement new, or adapt existing, marketing initiatives through clear and specific goals and targets
  • Review internal business management systems to increase efficiency

Location. Remotely, via a live-switched TV studio with multiple cameras and a live white-board or in-person at your offices depending on your COVID strategy.

Cost. Negotiable based upon duration and location

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