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Digital Selling Marketing Audit

The Essential Second Pair of Eyes

For Funded Start Ups, Investment Backed Organisations and Established Businesses

In the past ten years, neither technology nor CMO's have improved the success rate or performance of businesses. Not only will you have made forecasts, but you expect achieve them. We know how you can that without your venture becoming another statistic.

Whether you’re a start-up or an business looking for investment, the  component parts of the Digital Selling Marketing Audit are as follows:    

  • Discovery*: Understanding your people, processes and plan
  • Review*: Analysis, comparisons and evaluation
  • People: Resources to achieve the strategy
  • Budget: Modelling for Forecast and projections
  • Recommendation*: Strategy, technology, activities, timescales and project plan

Location. Remotely, via a live-switched TV studio with multiple cameras and a live white-board or in-person.

Duration. From commencement to completion, expect the marketing audit to take between a few days to edit an existing plan and budget projections and of course longer if you are at earlier stages of development.

Scheduling. A Digital Selling Marketing Audit can usually be initiated within 1-2 weeks, depending on the time of year.

Deliverable. Hours of industry leading advice that follows a structured process and carefully and concisely stated recommendations. A written report is provided explaining the project plan, resources and modelling spreadsheet to be used confirming budget projections.

*Implementation Guidance. If a new business plan is required, allow up to four weeks involving up to three significant interactions. They are agenda-driven, which means that you’ll keep a log of the questions you have and we’ll address them in a batch. We don’t count the quick phone calls or any of the email exchanges during those four weeks.

*Participation Requirements. A principal or someone with access gathers materials which we will review before the Discovery meeting. Principals and critical leaders participate in the phone calls and homework, as appropriate, but mainly we just need decision makers in the loop.

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