B2B Marketing: Finding Your Tone of Voice to Succeed in Digital Selling

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1/8: Establishing Your Tone-of-Voice

00:00:00:12     Welcome to SalesXchange where we talk marketing for CEOs who want to maximize their income without sacrificing profits. And today I want to start off with talking about 'tone of voice' and why it's so important. And if you don't think it is then you could be losing out to competition

00:00:20:02     who do if you haven't heard about tone of voice. It's basically about audio, visual and written presentation to your customers. It's not just about being authentic and relaxed, but it is about standardizing the way you communicate to customers and prospects by keeping it consistent. So, some examples of this, the most obvious or popular kind of visual wise

00:01:02:01     going be graphics and logos and static images. You know, branding, colors, themes, fonts, websites that kind of thing a bit like this you know but it's about keeping everything consistent. You've then got written information which covers articles and adverts, blogs, books, white papers, reports all that type of thing but also making sure that that's written for a 12 year old or that a 12 year old could understand it. And then you've got videos and that's going to cover themes and transitions

00:01:34:23     and grading and a variety of different things. But making sure people don't have any irregular surprises. Finally audio, you're looking at podcasts and adverts, soundbites, tone and resonance. You know we can watch poor video but we certainly can't listen to bad audio. We switch off. So establishing a tone of voice means you can make sure your staff and any

00:01:58:00     outside agencies follow the same outward projection. 

00:02:03:19     Not only to make sure people don't get any surprises but for you to maintain peace of mind that you're not dealing with any mavericks out there who want to put their stamp on your business. Let's face it. I mean you already know what looks good from the equipment on your desk or your furniture or your mobile phone, how you decorate your office, your company car the car you drive and so on. So it makes sense, to me anyway, to standardize, and you can start off with

00:02:38:09     kind of standardizing this with a brand guideline document that goes into detail confirming things like the sizes and distances logos have got to be from the top at a margin. I don't know, just come up with a ring binder that confirms what you want your internal and external documents to look like. I think defining your tone of voice is a bit like going back to the

00:03:03:23     beginning you know, all you want to do is make sure that the people you want to connect with the right people and the right people to do business with and you want them to say to themselves when they're looking at you... I like them, they're like me and I think that the best way of getting this across in terms of tone of voice is you can talk about your expertise about who you are what you are. You've been a person as you like you know talk about your professional

00:03:32:21     background and what your expertise is, now. 

00:03:36:17     To get a feel for this, if you look at the vloggers on YouTube and see how they put themselves across. It's about being natural, is your business a methodical business or do you take over quite a relaxed approach. And it's the way you present your products that type of staff that you employ. I really do think. You know we both know, we both know people by people and it's important that you can convey your unique message to the people you want to work with

00:04:11:13     because we all want to work with people like us! And if your overall presentation is consistent with what you say and how you say it, well, then you've cracked it but the important thing is to keep it simple. But that's our opener and that's all for now. I hope you enjoyed this. And I'll see you in the next video, bye for now...


Establishing your business 'tone of voice' is the first step to identifying your ideal customer types.  This video gives a quick and simple insight how to go about grounding your staff in what you and your business stand for.  Maintaining consistency of your colours, images and videos means your viewers won’t get any surprises, also writing ‘for a 12-year-old’ is essential to make sure your content is readable and quickly digestible.

To help maintain your tone of voice, create a brand guidelines document.  Connect with the right people by communicating your expertise and being natural so that you can attract people like you.



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United Kingdom



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