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Marketing Segmentation & Personas

00:00:01:00     Welcome to salesXchange and the penultimate video in this short series where we talk about. Marketing for CEOs who want to maximize their income without sacrificing profits. This episode is about direct marketing, the basics and getting noticed. So if you don't need new business then this video message is probably not for you.

00:00:37:21     So to start with. You definitely need to watch the video. The previous video about the Zero Moments of Truth and so on and if you've watched it and this is kind of a natural progression to that video. Based on the assumption That You. Know who and why You're going for a certain market sector, Then you have to make sure you've got the technology in place to execute

00:01:00:21     your plans. Make sense! But I do wanna make a distinction here between. Marketing just to generate interest. And marketing to actually get people looking at your business and actually engaging with them in a meaningful and effective way. If you want to put it that way. First things first is you've got to begin with getting hold of the right data. The right people to speak to and if you haven't got the information go and buy database and get it cleaned up. You know just make sure you got the right names, addresses, names and

00:01:34:02     emails and addresses and their respective positions. Because you will need that when we come on to that a bit later. Dun Bradstreet probably heard of Dun Bradstreet. They sell data lots of companies sell data. 

00:01:47:06     So you're looking to obtain data records for business. Start with a minimum of about 10 staff because they're going to have about a million turnover depending on what you're selling. They should be able to talk to. Buy your product. A million means about 100000 per person. per annum So they should have been going for a few years should be able to afford what you got sell to them. Of course. If you only work with large companies then adapt your data requirement accordingly. So you know 50 50 employees which would be about 5 million turnover and so

00:02:17:11     on. And obviously you could look at the areas and the counties the postcodes would be based upon the areas where your sales people cover there's no point Getting information up in Scotland if you can't service it. Once you've got your data, it needs to be stored somewhere like on a CRM don't want to teach you to suck eggs. I'm not going out to any depth but it's important to have a decent CRM system. You can you can opt for a business management platform system like BITRIX which incorporates CRM which is low cost it's feature rich it's got good

00:02:50:10     integration with other platforms and so, like Zapier which is an integration put a middleware or alternatively you can go for. Salesforce. Zoho. I mean there's quite a few out there but just make sure you've got one. So once you've got your information on your CRM you've then got to look at personas and segmentation so when the data is all cleaned up. 

00:03:10:18     You've got to be clear. About who your staff will be talking to. If they're going to speak to. Other CEOs, business owners. Make sure they speak them properly. Accordingly should I say... Directors or managers or people that are. Appointed by CEOs have a different. outlook on life as do executive assistants or people tasked. With collecting information about new products But these are really key points for segmentation. You wouldn't speak to a fellow CEO as you would one of your new

00:03:43:21     administrative assistants. So you'd always have to tailor your message to match the people you expect to talk to. But this also applies to Pay-Per-Click and every piece of content that you produce because there is absolutely no such thing as one size fits all. So when it comes to. Account based marketing this is important as prospects, you want prospects

00:04:09:09     to say to themselves, well that's nice. I know that they're actually speaking to me when they receive this kind of promo information from me. So once you've you've identified everybody and you know what you're doing and you're looking at your distribution of content in terms of direct marketing we talked about the production of content in other videos in this series but this is where you have to ensure that you're getting your content in front of the right people and Social 334 is where you create all of your content in advance and we recommend 30 videos, 30 blogs, 30

00:04:44:17     podcasts or 30 adverts, and these items will be posted and distributed on social media nothing special, but we're saying produce three items. 

00:04:55:20     Three times a day. Over four weeks. And then repeat. Which is. Three Three Four... If you did four it would be Four Four Four... But this strategy ensures that you, initially, that you can see everything before you output it. You can approve an edit or reject whatever you need to. And the best way to find out a bit more about this strategy is if you go to our website salesXchange.co.uk and download a copy of our workbook about

00:05:25:10     getting this process started in your business. But one of the key things with this is that you are able to evaluate all of the information beforehand in terms of thumbnails as in the pictures that you're that are going to be used that will appear on each of these platforms. If you see all of your content in front of you in advance 30 adverts, 30 blogs, 30 videos and the covering images that you use for that you can say, well... they look like everybody else's, or You can craft them a little bit and make it look like your business, your

00:06:00:11     colour-ways, your design and your logo and so on, people will get used to watching you and go "do you know what, I know that's ABC Company." I recognize it I've seen it before let's have a look. So. The other thing about it really is connecting on social media. And if you haven't got that many followers or very few and if you've never done really much on LinkedIn or Facebook. 

00:06:24:03     Here's a suggestion to begin with. Start connecting with the names of the people you've already acquired In the databases Or database, if they're mainly CEOs then get one of your staff to send invitations on your behalf to connect with these people on their LinkedIn accounts not your staff members account. When you may already know that you can increase your exposure by paying for your content to be presented to a wider audience on LinkedIn and Facebook

00:06:55:16     you know and paying for each of these companies to distribute your content to CEOs or directors or technical people on their on their platforms whatever they're going to actually put forward. I think also in addition what you can do is you can provide Your list, your database list to both LinkedIn and Facebook and they'll merge your data with their platform to ensure your content is placed in the

00:07:26:12     newsfeeds of other people you want to connect with. And thereby increases the chances of you coming across them. All rather than coming across your content there's another thing about as far as direct mail is concerned which is part of the marketing mix is you can use a platform like Stampp with a double P and they provide an interface to your CRM that will send out physical postcards or physical

00:07:52:03     content based upon an API link. So if your platform has got lead scoring. Or activity analysis the API can be triggered when a prospect reaches a certain level of engagement but nevertheless using actual direct mail to say Hi is a far more personal way of engagement than just using email.  

00:08:16:05     That's what I think anyway. This videos is not too long. I'm going to cut it short there to an extent, because I want you to assimilate this information. And for you to decide if your staff or teams are approaching this from the right angle and who's going to be depending on the success that you're getting at the moment. But in the next video I'll cover call to actions and landing pages and automation and it's the final one. So I'll see the next one. Bye for now.


An important part of getting your message out to new prospects is combining the right technology, logical resources and making sure you're targeting the right people. 

Applying segmentation to markets and personas to the type of people you want to sell to will focus your efforts properly.  Try and sell to everyone, you'll sell to no one.

If you don’t have enough names to communicate your message, buy a database, get it cleaned up, sort out the segmentation & personas so you’re writing for the right people and speaking to them in a way that matches their position.

Social Custom Audiences

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