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Cold-calling, demand-gen and lead-gen were poor strategies in the first place, but now they’re ceasing to work altogether due to remote working and lockdowns.

For many, staying on the same path may result in total business failure. A new approach to generating new business is needed right now. If not, more people are going to suffer.

I recorded a short video to explain the problem, the solution and the method to manage the new strategy for the long-term.

It’s cheaper, easier, more effective and far more relevant to prospects than anything you have done before.

It’s only 30 mins long, but it's probably the most important video you’ll watch about staying in business and scaling up if thats your thing.



Nigel Maine


United Kingdom



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00:00:00:01 [Speaker 1]: I would say marketers are responsible for the demise of more businesses than anybody's ever, ever worked out. Your staff will not tell you what's going wrong or how to change. It's not in their interests to. This video consultancy is the most significant and important

00:00:21:09 information I believe you will ever hear. The most important thing in business is to ensure longevity. What's

00:00:55:05 happened recently, and over the past 10 years is having a massive negative

00:01:01:22 effect on so many B2B businesses. The processes and strategies, tactics as well, that are communicated within

00:01:15:17 that industry, that marketing industry, they don't work. If you go back 10

00:01:21:00 years, when marketing automation platforms came out, everybody said they were the best thing since sliced bread. And everybody bought into them, so you've got Marketo, Eloqua, Pardot, and a host of others. You know, they're

00:01:33:01 the larger ones. So you think, well, if all of these organizations have bought into them, why would I say something like they don't work? You have to look at the logic on paper. It looks great. In order to get somebody

00:01:48:03 into your funnel, you offer them something. They want it. And in return, there's an exchange. A transaction happens. They give you an email address and you give them some content. That sounds all right, the

00:02:04:12 trouble is, is content any good that's one point, one element to it? And secondly, why should they? Now the trouble with transactional engagement is

00:02:18:11 what else happens? Well, we know that everyone gets cold called I don't like it. And you don't like it. I know you don't, you will not take a cold call from anybody. Nor will I. If we look at cold calling in itself is a

00:02:30:03 200 to one shot. You have BDRs and tele salespeople looking to try and connect with people that might be interested. And if they are, then they're told to send something or, or send me an email if they are marginally interested or not. And the tele sales person or BDR their objective is to

00:02:47:07 try and make an appointment, which that person doesn't want.

00:02:51:16 [Speaker 1]: So it seems okay. But when you look at the content itself, how is it written? Who wrote it? How do you know it's any good? What's their response? Do your prospects actually like it or not? Have you

00:03:07:16 asked them? These sorts of things don't happen? So let's kind of look at some of the other factors here; over the past 10 years and beyond the, the rate of business failure has remained the same about half a million

00:03:25:04 businesses fail every year. So automation has not had an impact on that. The average turnover per person, per annum, sub 10 people is about, is

00:03:36:21 about a hundred grand per person or 80 grand per person per annum, up to about 5 million is a hundred, a hundred grand per person, per annum, and above 5 million. You're looking about, about 50 people. It's about 150

00:03:55:08 grand per person per annum. They're about on varying scales, you think, okay. And Google to 1.2 million per person per annum, they seem to have their ratios, right? And so do many

00:04:08:15 other companies, but they tend to be in the manufacturing will be to both as in, they sell to B2C to consumers and they sell to businesses. So you can see that there's a, a big issue here regarding ratios, but your marketing people are not telling you how to, how to adapt or adjust or

00:04:24:23 change those ratios. What happened is that because of marketing automation, the marketing leaders wanted a piece of the action. Salespeople were

00:04:37:11 getting paid, commission, marketing wanted a piece. And so in order to get a piece of the action, they were given KPIs like salespeople were. And that's one of the problems because you're giving KPIs to something that's

00:04:55:18 emotional.

00:04:57:19 [Speaker 1]: And I think it was along the lines of, if something can be measured, then you can manage it. You have that with the salespeople. So that's what people did. They put marketing automation in.

00:05:12:22 They managed the manage, the clicks beforehand. They manage the, the effectiveness of, of social media banners and clicks and ads and so on. And you measured that return on marketing investment, the ROMI's, but it's not

00:05:29:07 changed anybody's income, more work. I mean, I've seen some of the, some of the, recruitment job descriptions for marketing people are staggering, absolutely staggering. You wouldn't dream of demanding that of, of anybody

00:05:45:12 else in any other department of a company. But the work that's expected of marketing people, staggering, they can't do it. They don't do it. And that's the problem. So you go down this path of using marketing automation, but in order for it

00:06:02:19 to work, you've got to pay Google. So you've done two things. You've, you've stopped people from being able to find your content by hiding it

00:06:13:01 behind an email form, and then to get people to find it, you pay Google for them to come and for them to find it based upon the auction price that you're prepared to pay per click. So if you've bid enough, then you might,

00:06:29:01 you might get them. But then you've got the other post-click stuff, which is once they click on the banner, or it's your landing page, like, do they like it? Is it clear enough?

00:06:40:21 [Speaker 1]: And then of course you want their inside leg measurement for them to download your document, which you don't know if it's any good or not. The trouble is the only people I say, the only people with the best people to confirm whether or not your piece of content is any good, it's Google, but you've just hidden it from Google, because if your

00:06:59:09 customers can't see it, not in Google. And so it becomes a flawed process all you want to do, all the salespeople want salespeople want as many people as possible to know what it is your company sells. So they can go

00:07:14:15 and sell it to them, hiding it behind an email form, bad news for them because it restricts your exposure. And that's the reality of what's going

00:07:25:23 on now is most businesses in the B2B space have had their exposure severely restricted because of marketers! Oh! The irony. And of course, these people talk about this issue between sales and

00:07:46:13 marketing, the friction between sales and marketing, marketing people say, it's not our problem. Salespeople can't sell. And the salespeople say exactly the same, going back the other way. So there's a fundamental

00:08:00:15 problem. And it's been made worse because of lockdowns. You have a situation where your prospects don't want to talk to you. And the flip side

00:08:14:08 is you can't talk to them anyway, because you can't connect with them. They're working from home. People won't give out their mobiles. You can't email them because they can just delete it like they did before they won't take your phone calls. They, they didn't do that before either. So now most

00:08:29:07 businesses are left high and dry. So once there was a bit of a survival mode called furlough, when that disappears, we're getting back to the nitty gritty, which is you're either moving forward or moving backwards, you're

00:08:42:11 growing or dying. One of the other. And that's what makes this message. This information one is, is to give you this information for you to consider it, then to understand that I come on that in a minute, then come

00:08:56:12 on to the next part, which is okay. Now we can see where it's gone wrong and who's responsible for it.

00:09:04:03 [Speaker 1]: The marketing recruitment companies know that The positions that they appoint marketers in will get churned in 18 months. The average tenure for a CMO senior marketing people is 18 months in the UK

00:09:22:10 and in the States. So you're paying top dollar, top pounds for senior marketing personnel. They come on board and get fired. And the reason they

00:09:34:04 get fired, two reasons, they come on and promise the earth. They tell you that they're going to set your world alight and you're going to be flying. And you realize they don't and you get rid of them. And the reason it's 18 months, they come in three months to get their feet under

00:09:51:17 the desk a year to implement their plan or less and bearing in mind, 18 months is an average. So some are less and some are a bit more, but a year to implement their plan. And in three months to get a new job, it's 18

00:10:06:06 months. In times of recession, the first department to get hammered marketing. The people that make the biggest noise about marketing recruitment and marketing jobs, the marketers saying, Oh, they companies that are the most successful, they increase their marketing during a

00:10:21:17 recession. Really? So, what I'm saying is that business owners instinctively know there's a problem, and that's why they take a hit. So there you go. You got, you've got a fundamental problem. You've got

00:10:37:15 marketing automation that has decimated so many businesses. Whereas it, now it doesn't, it doesn't work for businesses now because you can't connect with them. It wasn't working beforehand. And every attempt that you did

00:10:49:13 make, if people looked at your website, people using platforms like lead forensics, which can analyze people's IP addresses and match IP addresses against telephone numbers and company names, and provide you with that information. So you can go and talk with them again, but because that's all

00:11:07:10 that's on offer, demand-gen, lead-gen, marketing automation and all associated digital marketing is failing. It failed a while, quite a long time ago, but it was getting worse by the month. And now in this COVID

00:11:23:08 lockdown scenario, businesses is just failing left, right and center. Sadly. Is there a way out? Yes, there is. And that's the next part of what

00:11:34:21 I'm going to talk about.

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