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The Digital Selling & Live Streaming for B2B Review Show

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After delivering five live shows, it makes sense to review them, tell you how they went, what flew and where it crashed and burned…

Show #6 The Digital Selling Live Show Review Show

  • Anything they missed and should have mentioned
  • How you can get started & what should be first
  • What salesXchange are doing next
  • Statistics from Social 444
  • New adverts and more strategies
  • Fox News and Why You Should Too
  • Behind The Scenes – The kit used and how salesXchange are set up
  • Your Q&A – Message us live and we’ll answer live – Keeping you anonymous

In this article, Nigel Maine shares valuable insights alonmg with his co-host Liz Maine, his wife and business partner, from the final live stream show in this series, discussing how businesses can use Live Streaming, email, and social media advertising to reach their total addressable market more effectively than traditional telesales or cold calling. The content offers a comprehensive guide to embracing Digital Selling and live streaming, providing practical tips and real-life examples that will change the way businesses approach sales and marketing.

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