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Transform Your B2B Sales with Digital Selling

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The next part in your journey is to prepare for battle to make sure every possible aspect is covered, starting with your largest new business asset, your website. 

If you have all of this covered that’s great, however a high percentage of business don’t, so to be on the safe side we go through each step.  Next up is establishing your business as a content powerhouse by implementing an automated promotional strategy that keeps your business and content front-of-mind with all your prospects and customers.

When I tell you I’m not up for wasting money, I mean it.  Our strategy costs pennies and will leave your competition for dust.  Below is the presentation plan: -

Show #3 Getting Ready for Digital Selling

  • Social 444 – Advertising on Autopilot
  • Mastering B2B Growth & Contractors
  • SEO, SEM and the Need for Speed
  • The Content Stack
  • Google Analytics 4 (GA4) & Tag Manager
  • Tech, SaaS & Services Model – Infographic

Firstly, you will have never watched anything like it – for two reasons, the first, we’re using high end broadcast quality live streaming technology from Blackmagic Design and have combined state-of-the-art animated presentation graphics and management.  I mention this because I want you to imagine what it would be like to broadcast a high-quality live show to your prospects.

Secondly, we have a significantly different perspective on new business development for business-to-business organisations, so much so that we have developed a completely new strategy to replace the existing and typical digital marketing automation lead, demand gen, lead gen and ABM approach.

In this article, we explore a breakthrough strategy for B2B sales that combines email, social media advertising banners, and weekly live streaming shows. This innovative method is more effective and profitable than traditional telesales and cold calling, offering a comprehensive overview for CEOs and business owners. Discover how this exciting opportunity can revolutionise your company's growth and success.

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