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Engage B2B Prospects at Scale by Live Streaming

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This is the big one! The strategy that only a few businesses will do straight away because they’re the innovators and early adopters!  I believe there is a window of opportunity for those business who embrace this strategy simply because it will be first-come-first-served, because those businesses will create the maximum awareness and engagement before their competition can.

Show #4 Engaging with Your Prospects at Scale

  • Promoting Live Shows to Your Total Addressable Market (TAM)
  • Planning Your Live Streaming Strategy
  • Your Staff are Your Production Team
  • Broadcasting Adverts – Mid Show
  • Green Screen Virtual Studio at Your Office

You will have never watched anything like it – for two reasons, the first, we’re using high end broadcast quality live streaming technology from Blackmagic Design and have combined state-of-the-art animated presentation graphics and management.  I mention this because I want you to imagine what it would be like to broadcast a high-quality live show to your prospects.

Secondly, we have a significantly different perspective on new business development for business-to-business organisations, so much so that we have developed a completely new strategy to replace the existing and typical digital marketing automation lead, demand gen, lead gen and ABM approach.

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