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Distributing Video & Content

00:00:05:04     This is the last in the DIY video series and to finish. I'm going to talk about the distribution of your content wait for it, the salesXchange way. It's easy to kick things off and shoot loads of video, but there needs to be a plan to manage and to get all this work out

00:00:38:23     to potential , and customers, so we have to have a strategy and we do and our strategy is called Social 3 3 4 or 4 4 4... I'll come to that later which stands for publishing three items, three times a day, every day for weeks and 3 3 4. This means a blog and an advert and a video. And if you include the podcast or a podcast then it would be 4 4 4, you get

00:01:11:16     the idea. The objective is for you to own your space on LinkedIn and or Facebook and if you bear with me on this, most businesses prepare a piece of content and then publish it. Now, that's normal, yes! And unless you have a very active and well staffed marketing department

00:01:39:22     with multiple people, writing and producing various items of content every day, like say, on Coca-Cola then you're going to be at a disadvantage. The trouble is that most businesses post one thing and then post nothing for a period of time. This means that anyone who may have seen the first post would have already

00:02:05:18     forgotten about you the next time you go and post something. It's been a waste... So assuming you don't have a continuous social prospecting strategy our 3 3 4 plan means, you prepare everything in advance for a whole month, be you prepared 30 blogs, 30 adverts, 30 videos and if you're up for it 30 podcast's as well. 

00:02:31:20     When everything's finished, you're actually able to review exactly how you're going to look to your audience? And by that I mean you can lay out all the thumbnails or pictures that you're going to use on social media like LinkedIn for example. That's the the pictures you use for your blog. The pictures that you'd need to use for video the pictures you use for your advert. And if you do podcasts, the pictures you've you do for podcasts. You know

00:03:00:07     what it's like when you look at your news feed. So you're looking at LinkedIn or whatever Facebook interview and everything seems to merge and blend together. And even if someone's putting up a lot of content, every post looks different, you can my distain... There doesn't seem to be any continuity with anyone. And most of it, people just re sharing other people's posts or a piece of content wherever it's come from, to appear connected and well read. But the fact remains, people want to see what a business is about and not

00:03:37:23     just read about an article telling them know how they should work or act or respond to something. So if you've accurately measured the temperature of your target market. Then your content will be well received. Your objective is to show that

00:04:03:07     you're providing great content and to show some consistency and that's what we've done, we've kept the same theme for our posts so people get to know what we look like before they jump in. That's the whole point. 

00:04:19:12     But, what if you don't have that many people follow you oh heaven-for-fend. So what! It's not a problem because you can go buy a database, clean up and then follow the selected people in your vertical market and hopefully they'll follow you back. And that'll be the start of your engagement process. So by publishing regularly and with varied content the algorithms will push

00:04:50:21     you out to more and more people too. That's the that's how they all work. And one of the biggest factors is to make sure that you're not trying to sell to everyone. You need to define your market right at the beginning even if it means saying to some people this is not for you! I don't really want to sell to you. I wont go into everything about that subject because, of course, we've got

00:05:19:13     a separate series all about style and approach.


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