B2B Marketing: The How to Exploit a B2B Social Media Strategy

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5/8: B2B Social Media Strategy

00:00:00:02     Welcome again to salesXchange where we talk.... Marketing for CEOs who want to maximize their income without sacrificing profits. Social Media fills most people with a bit of disdain as it really can be like throwing enough of it against the wall of some of it will stick - there you go. So I mean I'm not going to tell you what it is or what you have to do to

00:00:41:03     post anything on social media. You know, you're beyond that. But what I am going to talk about briefly is how to best exploit it, in conjunction with the other strategies that we recommend. The number one recommendation, from us to you, is to at take a look at what

00:01:01:02     you're doing, evaluate how successful it is and then once you've decided, ditch the old and start again. Seriously. What I'm recommending is to hold back on all of your social media content, because I want you to publish it differently. And bear with me. Here's how. So we've got a strategy called Social 3 3 4 which means publishing three content items, three times a day, over four weeks and then repeat it, if

00:01:36:08     you think about it It could be really difficult for you to commit to publishing three times a day every day. So what you do, is you prepare everything in advance. You record all your videos, you write your blogs, you record your podcasts and adverts that go to landing pages, basically anything that's going to properly position you and your business in the eyes of your prospective

00:01:58:05     customers. By publishing three times a day with rich content, 

00:02:03:12     You know something that's been thought up and so on. It's not just a a share or a like. It will gradually elevate your business to the point of owning your space on social media. Yep, of course it's going to take a little while to set it up. But when you evaluate this with everything else you're doing you can properly analyze your branding, your content planning, your tone of voice because everything's going to be in front of you and you can edit

00:02:33:01     everything before you press send This is really really key. And the plan is to use automation platforms. On the subject pressing send. If you take a look at and evaluate platforms like Buffer, Edgar, socials no Sprout Social, SmarterQueue and Social Pilot and there's there are some others but in simple terms, you insert all your links to where you you've

00:03:05:15     saved all this information of your content and click Start and sit back. And then this simple next common question is When is the best time to post? There's loads of statistics about this. Pinterest is the best place. They do some nice diagrams but kind of in a nutshell Linkedin they say... Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday seven 'till eight thirty and five to six in the evening. Facebook between six and eight in the morning and two and five

00:03:38:09     in the afternoon. You know Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday is the best time to post. Twitter Wednesday one 'till three and Instagram. Monday, Monday between 3:00 and 4:00 anyway. 

00:03:53:20     But. But that aside who's your market? What do they read? What's their age? What's their profession? Is your Facebook audience the same as your LinkedIn audience and if it's not, change change the content, do different content you haven't got much choice but change it. How many genuine followers have you got for your business? And if it's too few get a database, buy a database clean it up and connect with those people. Connect with them online, whether it's on Facebook or LinkedIn and

00:04:28:17     when you follow them, they should follow back. It kind of the polite thing and then I'll start seeing your posts. But the the thing is, is to make sure you engage with your viewers, respond to them if they comment or like something and you got to just keep on top of it because it will reap some serious benefits. I mean look at Instagram for business as in B2B business.

00:04:52:07     I'll just talk about this for us for a second. You can create, curate images you could bring images together and create kind of collections. And I'm not talking about collections of pets, cats and dogs but think about your colour, the colour ways that you use for business and looking to blend it. If you did cabling for example you'd have structured cabling and optical cabling and having equipment cabinets with some amazing cabling work and looking all structured and looking great, but it doesn't matter what you do

00:05:25:06     there will be images that can be associated with your business. 

00:05:28:23     And this is where you can choose to stylized them. You know you can colour them and make them feel like they're branded by you even sticking your logo on them. It does matter where they come from but it's about engaging people. The key thing here is to look at the way that we did business in the past. We have to change, but in terms of business it could be about reassigning people within your organization to exploit these various areas. So you kind of you reduce the number of people you've got in sales,

00:06:02:01     but increase the people you've got doing this, only for the time being, whilst you build up those appointments through these new strategies. I think at the the bottom line nobody wants to waste any time on social media if there's not enough people following you. And if you've got a great strategy to increase that number, happy days, anyway that's all for now I'll catch you in the next one. See you then, bye for now...


No one likes social media - really, but it is necessary to show that you exist to new audiences and to communicate with existing customers. The trouble is, existing strategies are too labour intensive and rarely deliver a meaningful ROI.  So, we redesigned the workflow for you to own your space on LinkedIn and social media in a way that is logical, timesaving and more effective than anything you would have done to date...

Key takeaway: -

Prepare all your content in advance (consisting of videos, articles, podcasts and downloads).  Brand everything you create, even stock photos.  Publish adverts linking to your content a minimum of three times a day, every day for a month and then repeat.

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