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4/8: B2B Copywriting

00:00:00:19     Welcome to salesXchange where we talk... Marketing for CEOs, and those CEOs who want to maximize their income without sacrificing profits. So, everybody writes, well nearly everybody. The trouble is not everybody is particularly good at it. Just because someone knows how to spell write as they were taught school

00:00:37:04     doth not make them an author or a writer, so we're talking about copywriting today. And in my last video I mentioned about transcribing speech to text which enhances SEO and content creation and so on. So by writing, it stands to reason for creativity to go back the other way

00:01:04:15     and for the written word to become the subject matter of a podcast or video. So everything about your content is about maximizing the effort. So here's the deal. If your company writes and I mean if you or your staff write stuff you expect prospects and customers to read it...

00:01:27:11     But first you have to establish who you're writing for in the first place. I mean assuming once you've done all the persona analysis and segmentation we can now talk about writing and your tone of voice. And that was an early video too So once you've got everything identified and you know who you're going to write for now what? Now you could go down a DIY route and get someone in. I mean when it comes to doing it for yourself it's really important to

00:02:04:23     establish some ground rules for business like, well, who's going to read and check the written information. 

00:02:10:16     I mean, who's going to be the editor. Like the person who is going to have the last say, should it be a long article should be a short article. What are the statistics about? You know do a long version over a short version. I mean actually it's long wins every time. But irrespective of the length of the article it's important to deliver content that's useful and engaging and a key thing here.

00:02:38:19     It absolutely does not have to be about your business every time. If you think about what you like to read, invariably it's not just about business. 100 percent of the time. Then you got to consider what the written piece should look like. I mean, does it need images and if it does need images what should they be. Should they be stock images, purchased online. Should you take the photographs in-house. Should you get a photographer.

00:03:09:12     Do it yourself? Do it professionally. And then I suppose it's like write what, what medium is the content to be written for. It's not you know is he going to be published in a magazine or newspaper if you're if exposed in that way. You've got adverts and are the adverts to be read or spoken are the blogs for your own site? Are they going to be for a guest site? You've got book reviews and brochure copy and sales and user guides and even looking at the reports for

00:03:43:06     customers, even reports for board members and you've got white papers and you know of course website copy. But there's the decision to decide if you really want to do the work in-house or you should get someone in to write the content for you. 

00:04:01:21     I think it is a curious decision especially as there are some great freelancers out there. And if you want to plan a proper strategy then an external contractor is not going to be affected by any of your existing workload like perhaps some of your staff might be. So if you decide on contractors thinking that's an interesting idea! I don't know if you've heard of People By The Hour dot com or you can put

00:04:33:03     an advert out on Indeed.com or any other recruitment website, but don't forget mentioning on your own website as well as what a social media because by doing that, I don't know if you know, but Google will pick up the job adverts as well and they'll publicize them. So some interesting things that to keep in mind. But that's that's all for this one. Hope you've got some interesting pointers and I'll see you in the next episode. Bye for now.


We all need good B2B copywriting to support B2B Marketing for our businesses, but the trouble is, not everyone can write.  Just because they have a GCSE or even a degree!

Copywriting is essential to accurately communicate your business proposition and a good copywriter is worth their weight in gold. 

This short video explains how to drive your business in the right direction using the right words and more importantly, getting the right people to do the work.



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