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The Secret to Crafting Content Businesses Will Love 2/8 - Transcript

B2B Marketing 2/8: Content Creation & Planning

00:00:00:14     Welcome to salesXchange where we talk. Marketing for CEOs, who want to maximize their income without sacrificing profits. This episode is about Content Planning and it's actually got to be one of the most important exercises you can actually undertake. So here we go. Stay tuned.

00:00:35:00     One of the big problems is that a lot of people don't really get content. And take a bit of a slapdash approach to it and as a result not a great deal is actually created. It's not their fault but, that's how it is. But I see content creation as a like a multitude of one off exercises but keeps giving and giving. So once they're produced, whatever the content is, people keep watching or

00:01:01:18     listening or reading them for months or years. So it can have a really big impact on sales and the actual number of people you need to employ. So ergo it keeps saving new money and requires you to employ less salespeople and you can become more profitable. The trouble is, if you look at it from a video production point of view, video people are not I guess business savvy enough to sell this type of

00:01:31:18     strategy and concept to CEOs and so business leaders are left thinking well it's all too expensive and it's an easy mistake to make. Because I mean there's quite a lot to it. And even if we just start with written stuff because we're looking at the planning of content, like blogs and articles and books and guides and reports and websites and so on. 

00:01:54:02     I mean you know the stuff we've got you know whether it's whether it's brochures like this or books that we've got. It's all about producing content. And you've got to have a structure to it. I mean on to videos you know, it can include company intros and how to guides and technical explainers, customer stories, industry news, exhibitions, unboxing, website page introductions.

00:02:24:01     I mean the list can feel like it's endless, but you've got to have a plan. And I think when you when you look at what can be produced in in a video format and not just video but for other elements of content there's loads of ideas, look at audio, it can mean podcasts or simply converted audio

00:02:54:23     from any of the videos that you do, even making up radio shows you've got the jingles and adverts and audio transitions. If you think about what your favorite radio show sounds like, and if you've got someone who works for you who's, you know, technically savvy and so on and a bit technically creative, they'll have a field day with doing all of this. You've then got the visual side of things, you know from Facebook to LinkedIn into Instagram and it's all about having a consistent look of feel

00:03:26:18     to your business to the point of deciding on what that look and feel should be in advance. And I kind of talk about stylized filters and colors and stuff like that with Instagram or Adobe Lightroom, but all of this makes up content planning. 

00:03:44:03     So you got to decide how you're going to carve out your your place and get your staff involved. Yeah they've got mobile phones, yes then go take pictures, but take pictures of what. So having a plan is essential. And to get your staff involved in that process as well. So they can contribute. And the reality is, every company needs to become a producer of fine

00:04:13:16     content so how else do you set yourself apart from the competition. I think what I like about this is that some people would say watching this they say to themselves now I'm not gonna do that. This is too much effort. I'm too set in my ways I'm too old or whatever it is. But then if people like you might be thinking oh wait a minute it might take a bit of time and cost a little bit initially but if I'm right it will

00:04:44:05     keep. If I'm right it'll keep giving and giving and giving so it's especially relevant to know that you can actually get hold of some really talented people gagging to do this kind of work. I mean you're not talk about exploiting them because they want to do it but there are content creator registers, that you can register you what you need and they'll register what they can do. It's like a bit of a matchmaking.

00:05:25:19     So it's kind of like what. What choice of you  Or we got regarding this but the main thing is to keep an open creative mind on the content that can be created and not look at this simply as another expense. Really. I mean if you look at the cost of taking on a new salesperson or even the cost of an existing one to getting your content created especially the way that we recommended by preparing it all in advance with our 3 3 4 program you get to own your space in social media or wherever you choose to display

00:06:00:05     it, which really is worth a fortune financially. And the content remains out there. So it's consistent and it's kind of almost like indefinite. So my advice is don't waste any time about this take a look at our website and start thinking about the content that you can put together and how you want to plan and orchestrate it.

00:06:25:01     There is a list of useful sites on our website. And if you're watching this on YouTube there's a list of contacts down in the links below, but, that's it for now. I look forward to seeing you again on the next video. And it you've got any questions or comments or anything else, like that you can put them in the links below.