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Mastering the Art of Podcasting to Boost Your Digital Selling Strategy 3/8 - Transcript

3/8: B2B Podcasting

00:00:00:14     Welcome to salesXchange where we talk marketing for CEOs who want to maximize their income without sacrificing any profits. Today I want to talk about podcasting. In simple terms. Podcasting enables people to access your content when they're on the move

00:00:36:14     and when they're ready... Now I'm not going to go into or basically go over all of the various content marketing activities needed today but podcasting is really important because it speaks directly to your customers who want to listen to something of value rather than music. For example on their way to or from work and really it's for you to look at

00:01:01:23     this as your special time with them. It's like a one to one relationship when it comes to podcasting. You're not broadcasting per say but you're having a chat with them... And if you're talking with other people you're including them in your conversation at the moment there's something like 700000 different podcasts and twenty nine million episodes. So it definitely looks like podcasts seems like the unsung hero in marketing terms.

00:01:30:20     So what's the best way to get the most out podcasting. Well, actually it breaks down into three kind of main categories which are technology, content and distribution, in those kind of areas. So if we just start with content, this is about your business is about your niche, your brand, your tribe, you know communicating connecting with your type of people and you're looking at live podcasts.

00:01:58:23     You can invite them to get involved with you. 

00:02:00:23     You can video it too. If you want to and you can go about this by getting a list of people you'd like to speak to and come up with a list of questions you might think well I'm going to say? But it's no different set to doing video content or whatever, you know stuff like that. We've got some production notes about this which you can download from our website, it's under Resources. So, when you want to start thinking about your podcasts, think along the

00:02:31:23     lines of say industry opinions, ideas and collaboration suggestions. Talk about company events and customer education and information get hold of customer stories... You've got documentaries about your business, documentaries about say exhibitions you've gone to you've got explainers, you've got industry news,

00:03:04:03     interviews with customers and partners, you've got presentation about your products you've got staff discussions, getting people together you know it could be customer support and so on and as part of the that audible process, think along the lines of radio stations and you've got sound effects and jingles and stuff like that which you get from companies like Shutter Stock and Epidemic Sounds and so on, but this is all about building

00:03:33:13     your content to create multiple episodes in advance and publish it when you're ready. So if you if you were to do four or five and initially you don't have to commit to a schedule by then. But the point of podcasts is you're going to get to grips with it and it'll take a little while. 

00:03:52:08     But if you look at like Netflix and iPlayer they enable people to binge watch or pace themselves and they build demand and you can do the same thing Say you want to produce podcast every Wednesday. That's great, and once you've produced your podcast you then got distribution and I think it's an important part of the process because it

00:04:21:02     can be really simplified. You can do you can go via iTunes or Soundcloud or Spotify and there's this which are up north. I think Manchester and Buzzsprout. We use Buzzsprout and they distribute all our podcasts whenever we want. So if you've seen our previous videos one of the things about approaching technology this way is, it's not about expecting you to go and do it as the

00:04:56:08     managing director, but financially speaking it's better to get your staff to go and do it rather than call people in. So how do you go about that, whats the best way of going about it. Well, we recommend regularly, to get them trained up on Linkedin Learning or and it helps get them engaged in ongoing learning continuous

00:05:22:12     professional development. So I think the key to podcasting is keeping it snappy and keeping them smiling and and so on when they're recording but getting your staff to learn about it. And learn about this stuff. Is a great way of generating more income making your life easier. So if if you check out LinkedIn learning which you know LinkedIn,

00:05:50:02, YouTube, and, they're excellent. 

00:06:01:00     Now while we're on this, before we finish on this what I want to talk about really is just speech-to-text. Back in the day long time ago, speech-to-text was shocking. It took hours to train a platform to you know to recognise you, I used Dragon Dictate and I had to read pages and pages from Alice in Wonderland so that the the speech engine could understand my voice and dialect it was painful! Now it's really different.

00:06:26:20     There's two main players which is Speechmatics and IBM Watson. And the reason I'm talking about speech to text is about being able to convert every single thing that you say into text. Now in terms of Speechmatics vs. IBM one is more expensive than the other. But pennies but they are really simple to use. You record your audio video or podcast, send the file to one of the companies and within a few minutes they send you back an

00:07:07:15     email of all the text for you to edit and put into whatever you want to do. I did mention it in the Video Process Video because it's used for what they call closed caption or subtitles for video but because the other issue is nobody seems to want to listen to audio on a video on social media anymore. So this type of software it all works within the editing software suite and

00:07:33:12     so on. But it's about what we're doing here with these videos talking to you is saying there are some very simple ways of doing all this work. 

00:07:43:23     And so when you are converting speech to text it means that you can create written content for your website. At a serious rate of knots especially if it's being recorded in voice form in the first place because you've got these podcasts. So this has a great impact on your search engine optimization and general visibility with the search engines because, if you think about a page of A 4 which takes about four minutes to read is about 460 words so a 30 minute

00:08:14:19     podcast would generate about seven or eight pages of text for a post. The other thing is with Speechmatics for example recognizes different speakers so that way you can create this content of a transcript of the discussion, so you know there are some people that want to prefer to read rather than listen. But at the end of the day it's about giving you multiple ideas about how to go about extending your content and in most cases, in fact in all cases,

00:08:52:05     it's not as complicated as you think it is, so anyway. I hope you found this useful, that's all for now and I'll see you in the next video. Bye for now.