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Innovation in B2B Sales and Marketing Urgently Needed - Transcript

Innovation in Marketing is Urgently Required

00:00:04:10     Hi I'm Nigel Maine I'm the 

00:00:06:01     Managing Director and Founder of salesXchange. Now, one of the things about marketing is that everybody is a marketing genius. If you are a managing director too or a business owner you've met all the marketing geniuses that exist out there in the world. 

00:00:23:08     Yes of course I'm being sarcastic. The thing is what constitutes a good marketer. Now, it normally has to be based upon people's previous experience, people's previous successes, people's previous confirmation of their return on investment. What did they do for another company? 

00:00:45:00     But when it comes to presenting to you, a company needs to prove that it can move forward and not base everything on past glory. That's a tricky one. 

00:00:58:17     So the thing is is when it comes to looking for a new company or a new organization that's going to take care of your marketing. How on earth can they tell you how good their efforts are going to be in the future. It's impossible. The only thing you can do is use your intellect. Your experience to determine whether or not an idea is any good or not. Now if you take what we're doing at the moment here I am standing here in

00:01:31:01     this office or actually now I'm telling a new story. Now I'm in the garden. Yeah. You can see if you're creative enough with your video you can do anything. But when it comes to a marketing strategy or a long-term marketing strategy who's going to come up with a plan for you? This is one big problem that

00:01:57:19     we see in marketing today. 

00:02:00:07     Everybody is talking about content. Everybody's saying you've got to get out there you've got to keep sharing and creating and producing, but producing what? 

00:02:11:02     The way that we look at marketing ourselves is based upon how can we communicate to you who we are. It's not about baring our souls or inviting you home for dinner with the family. But it is about being able to communicate. What you we as a company are doing on a regular basis. Now. 

00:02:36:22     We haven't got all the answers. We've got a lot. We've even got some strategies that nobody else is doing. Why? They haven't got 30 years’ experience in sales and marketing in technology like I have... 

00:02:54:16     Everybody's different. 

00:02:56:09     And the thing is, the key thing is for you to realize who do you want to drive your marketing and it's not about a long-term plan. These are short term word-bites. These are short term strategies that can be implemented instantly. And then you'll establish and be able to review what the KPI's are and what the success is. But the point is, if you rely on other businesses that are going just keep

00:03:28:19     talking about past glory and then say OK look at out our design people, look at our creative people they're wonderful. I'm sure they were, but unless they're going to come up with some revolutionary idea that nobody else is doing, they're just cookie cutting their marketing strategies for you and everybody else. Even companies that say, "oh look here's a long list of all the businesses that we've worked for." 

00:03:55:15     Microsoft, Oracle. You'll detect a bit of cynicism. These marketing companies didn't make Oracle or Microsoft or any of these large tech companies the success that they are now. They were asked to do an exhibition stand... Or two. So, the thing is how can you be innovative...

00:04:22:03     In front of your customers and your prospective customers. That makes you stand out from the rest. That's what we're about. We want to share our ideas with you to allow you to implement them yourself. If you want to or ask us to do them. Simple as that... 

00:04:43:20     You'll know from downloading our documentation and our brochures, you'll know whether we're, whether we're thinking outside the box or not... So, I'll leave it to you. I'm Nigel Maine the founder Managing Director of SalesXchange, always open to having a chat, email me if you'd like to have a chat or meet up, I look forward to speaking with you in the near future... Bye for now.