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How Effective are your B2B Sales Emails - Transcript

How to Stop Prospects Deleting your Emails

00:00:04:06     Hi, I'm Nigel Maine I'm the Founder and Managing Director of salesXchange. One thing that's always perplexed me is how do your, my, our prospects who appear on our mailing lists our Emailing Lists perceive us. How did they look at us?  Another question.

00:00:31:06     How quickly are they likely to unsubscribe. I mean I do it all the time. I mean I actually I subscribe to different lists. In some cases, like a reminder well they'll keep me mailing me I know they will help but they'll remind me of something I might do in the future and when I've done something or completed it I'll unsubscribe so if I do that with other businesses. What do people do with you and the key thing here is how engaging are you

00:01:09:21     when it comes to your emails that you're sending out and to whom how. How broad do you want to reach or how narrow do you attempt to reach. Meaning. Have you segmented the people that you want to connect with and have you with that segmentation? Have you done a secondary segment by persona and by looking at those

00:01:38:12     personas male or female young old and so on. Have you been able to identify groups of people that are already connected to you, but you've been able to put them into specific categories? And write for them it's an interesting question because you could say well it's too much work. You know we've got we've got what we can sell to everyone, but we try to and

00:02:12:12     we write one email a day a week or whatever or however frequently you send information out do you just one size fits all send the thing out or do you narrow it down. 

00:02:27:18     This the point. We've got marketing automation people have these automated systems and so on. That's great. But if you're not writing for your targeted specific audience waste of time complete waste of time. I mean for example if I was writing to you saying Buy a shotgun when you you're a I don't know you're a young lady that isn't in to shooting. What if I was looking to sell perfume to a 65-year-old male and he wasn't

00:03:08:07     into perfume. It doesn't matter. Whenever there's a mismatch you've missed the boat. You've lost but the trouble is too often businesses try and make everything work together they try and put everybody in the same category

00:03:31:14     and the reasons they do that is for expediency. It's too much effort to write to everybody independently. So, my kind of my challenge to you is forget what you were doing in the past identify your personas your segments and your personas the people within those groups and get your staff to champion each persona and

00:03:59:07     get them to write for them and do it and break it down and spread it out. So, they can focus on it instead of just churning out the same thing to everybody. I guarantee you will increase and improve your response and your engagement right because people receive an e-mail or go wow, they're talking to me. That makes sense. I'll give them the time of day.

00:04:27:17     Next time so that's it this really important factor. I mean one of the things that we do is Social 3 3 4. 

00:04:37:21     It's about communicating accurately but also making sure that when you do produce these emails you bunch them up. You don't just release them every single time you've got one ready. Wait until you've got a month's worth ready and then release it. That's One of the elements to our program. Social 334. Thanks for listening and I'll catch you on the next one. Bye for now.