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Elevate Your B2B Videos: Transitions, Sound Design, and Style Tips - Transcript

Planning HOW to shoot Your Video

00:00:00:08     Hi. In today's episode we're going to look at the structure needed to make sure your staff operate as effectively as possible without wasting time or money. Hi I'm Nigel Maine, I'm the founder of salesXchange. The important thing about this series, is to encourage you to create a team

00:00:34:10     of your own to start filming. If you plan to be in business in a few years time then personally, I don't think you've got much of a choice. So you might as well get a head start on your competition. Yeah! Now you probably agree with me that most marketing businesses would take this as an opportunity to just to get you to spend more money with them.

00:01:01:14     But first you need to know what all this entails. I mean don't get me wrong if you want us to do all the work for you. Or at least help you get set up. Then of course we will. But the point is is to help you do this yourselves and change the way that you structure your business with the existing dependencies on salespeople. And the first thing if you're looking at the overall structure of your

00:01:30:17     videos first you're gonna have an intro and that's like a video clip that you have after the initial introduction it's got titles in a theme tune to your business and it gives a little bit of a taster of what's to come. I mean you've already seen out few seconds ago, this adds I think, this adds to the professionalism of your work and business. 

00:01:54:17     You've also got an outro which you'll see the clip once it's all finished and this can include a call to action. Links to Web site, web page or any number of things. I'm not going to show you ours right now and you'll see in a few minutes at the end, but the thing is, is about as you move through your video you will have different segments or transitions and part of the process is deciding

00:02:25:07     what you want to be clear about in terms of transition between clips. Should they just blend and fade in from camera one to camera two. I don't know. Have a whoosh! From camera two to camera one? Have light leaks or even the image flipping from one camera angle to another or spinning from one clip to the next.

00:02:54:02     But the thing is is about being aware of this before you start. Which would just save you a serious amount of time. And if you standardize it, it helps the viewer maintain an understanding of what to expect. Then you've got music and sound effects and they're called sound design. Firstly I would say find yourself a piece of royalty free instrumental music that you can use on your intro and outro. If you listen to ours, we've used this track at the beginning with the

00:03:27:07     collision of green and blue smoke as a background during our videos not not every time and then as it has the outro music. And Sound effects are also important. 

00:03:40:18     If you see this film here without our coffee and you've got the coffee drop... they're easy enough to include but not using sound design can make for a pretty stark video and people subliminally notice, which is what you want, basically. There are Web sites like 'Artlist' one word, Epidemic sounds and any number

00:04:13:08     of websites that offer this type of service and clips. You've then got look up tables or LUT's and this is one of the interesting facts about digital video, is the ability to easily adjust the overall kind of coloring that adds to the production. This means you can adapt your video to give it a more professional, cinematic look simply by adapting the exposure and colour balance, possibly

00:04:43:01     leaning towards your corporate branding and colors? Only you will know, but this is only a small thing for business videos. But, this is all about being set apart from your competition. And like I said before leaning towards this kind of cinematic presentation of your business. They are websites like Lens Distortion.

00:05:07:21     There's a young guy called Ryan Harris, RyanHarris.CA and They do loads of different color schemes that you can use. You've then got special effects. Not that it can be necessary every time but depending on the extent of you wanting to appear professional, you can use special effects as well. Some of these are pretty straightforward because it can simply mean the difference between having titles in front of the person in the video or

00:05:41:05     located behind them in between the person and the background. 

00:05:45:15     It's just these little little things. Adobe After Effects is the natural choice I mean for us anyway. And then you got the outro. So once your video is finished and you've said what you want to say. Then what. Well you've got to really have a call to action at the end of the video. Someone's invested an amount of time in your video and you, looking at you, then you want to enable them to connect to you to get them to link to maybe

00:06:15:19     to a landing page or an email capture within the video player, do anything... It doesn't matter, but just do something don't just say see ya and let them disappear into the ether. So you'll see in a second what our outro looks like and how we've incorporated a variety of different call to actions, but before you start to think, "Oh this is all too complicated" I'll come into

00:06:46:22     the editing bit, i think it's in video 7 or something but just to reassure you. There are loads of people, absolutely gagging to get work doing video editing and filming. So if no one in your business wants to do it, there are plenty that do. And this is great. Guess what, some of them actually want to do this for free, to enable them to get experience on their CV's and so on. But I wouldn't just take advantage of them, but at the end of the day,

00:07:16:05     but it's worth thinking about. That's all we've got to say for now. 

00:07:21:23     And what I'll do. I'll see you in the next one but I have a think about how you want to organize and orchestrate your video for the future. So that's it, bye for now.