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Digital Selling How to Buy Ep04 - Transcript

Thank you for joining me. I hope you enjoyed the previous videos regarding digital selling. The point of this video is to explain a bit about how we would approach working with you. And this is, as we've talked about before, our How to Buy video.

In terms of working with you, we have a process called discovery, which is fairly self-explanatory. We need to understand and discover as much about you as possible in order to provide you with a document a proposal document that explains how we would adapt and change your long term marketing strategy.

For us, there are two types of businesses. one type of business has limited information, limited marketing assets, and another type would have a great deal of content and assets. However, with both types of businesses, the results that you're getting, we have to say are not what you expect or not what you want, which is why you're watching this in the first place.

So what do we do? Well, the first thing is we assess everything that you've got. That's your website, your assets, everything digital, anything, any piece of content that you have at the moment. Once we've understood and learned and gleaned what we can from that, we also need to look at and understand who your customers are, who you want your customers to be, which verticals you're going for. And I suppose for both our sakes, it's for us to understand where you want to go as a company in the future, what your aspirations are and what your plans are.

Once we've evaluated everything, we compile a document and a presentation schedule that relates to the About Us page, How to Buy page, Product pages, which includes the graphics, information and text and video, then we've got the Content information.

The Primary, Secondary, product - Primary, Secondary and General information that relates to your blog and the information that you want to impart and teach your customers. And the two kind of final parts are the the adverts.

Presenting and communicating your message, which is our Social 444 strategy. And finally, the livestreaming, which is to replace cold calling. So once all of that has been compiled and put together, we'll then present it to you and your board of directors or SMT, whether you'd like us to do that just by emailing the information to 
you or if you'd prefer me to present direct to everybody. And that way, you can quick fire any questions at me and get them answered there and then. Now, the costs that we put forward for Discovery are specifically related to working in the UK.

So that's a typical single business, single office type operation in the UK, and that's who we would work with. If you have multiple offices, multiple locations that need to have input to this. Then we would reprice accordingly. The cost to do discovery.

The salesXchange Discovery would be £2,700, including VAT, and would take about three days. But as I said, if you've got more offices and more people who need to input into this and it takes longer, then we'd recalculate accordingly. But that's it. That's that's how we would start the ball rolling. We provide the Discovery document. And from that, you could make a decision to say yes, get on with it or however you want to move forward. We project manage everything. Because we have, I would say, a very good grasp of of everything that's required, It puts us in an ideal position to be able to direct everything and not just explain it, but ensure any contractors that might be involved.

They report to us, we tell them what to do because we're the ones that are telling them that it must come up to our standards. If you have staff that you want us to work with, of course, then we'll impart whatever necessary information needs to be to those members of staff to bring them into this environment of transforming your business to a digital selling operation. And that it, nothing much more to say, except if you'd like to take this to the next stage. All you have to do is go on to our website and there are multiple buttons at the bottom of a number of pages that say Book a Call. Book a call to suit your time, let's have a chat, whether it's on Zoom or Teams, and we can take it from there. So that's all from me for now. Thanks for watching. Thanks for sticking with us throughout these four main major videos.

And I look forward to speaking in the near future, bye for now.