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Podcast Episode: 01

Why Should CEOs Know All About Marketing?

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B2B Marketing Talk for CEOs

In this Episode...

Nigel & Liz explore the many issues between business owners and marketers and the difficulty that exists in a marketing team attempting to convince CEOs to part with money to facilitate 'guesswork'.

It's not easy being a business owner/MD or CEO but the question needs to be asked - 'Why should the CEO also fully understand marketing?' and why should a CEO provide unlimited funds for a marketer to go and play.  this kind of relationship is called R&D or Venture Capital - more like 'Ad'venture capital.

Key Takeaways...

If your marketing needs to change, but you're not sure what to do or how to restructure it, then this podcast is a good place to start.  Nigel & Liz are veterans at the sales and marketing 'game' and you will quickly realise the wealth of knowledge they hold and are sharing with you. 


Being one of the first episodes, the resources are the existing downloads available on this website.  As the podcasts develop, additional resources, such as transcripts and links to other websites and content will be listed in this section.

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