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Podcast 09:

The Lockdown COVID-19 Special

Podcast 09: The Lockdown COVID-19 Special

Sales & Marketing Talk for CEOs

In this Episode...

This is no time to be finger-pointing.  Governments around the world have done something unheard of and unprecedented.  The world is closed for business!

Seeing as we're all in the same boat, except for 'essential services', now is the time to evaluate the present and plan for the future.  We all have a unique opportunity to decide if we want to cower and lick our wounds or ensure we come back stringer than ever before and can anticipate the next wave.

B2B Marketing has and will continue to get a bashing as many of the marketers are still hawking the same old strategies dating back to the 1950s.

Key Takeaways...

Now is the time to review your content, your strategies and expectations and cast off the elements that are not working for you, including staff and plan for the the rebound.  Only you know what your products are capable of, but as the business owner, you need to take hold of the marketing reins and demand your staff work toward a plan the gives you the most widespread and consistent exposure whilst contributing to your overall profitability.

Join Nigel & Liz as they talk about their strategies you can adopt during the lockdown and beyond.

About the Hosts

Nigel Maine is a sales and marketing veteran with over thirty years experience. He has a knack of calling it what it is without dressing it up! If you're a CEO and want to get a good handle on B2B Marketing, not because you have to do it, but to quickly learn, Nigel's your man...

Liz has worked in the technology industry from selling telecoms and voice recording to managing senior personnel and corporate events.

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