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Podcast Episode: 07

The salesXchange 2019 Review and More

Sales & Marketing Talk for CEOs

In this Episode...

As we enter a new decade and look back on 2019, this podcast with Nigel and Liz reflect on their journey to get Social 334 underway and to launch this important framework for the B2B sector.

It became apparent that there was very little genuine and useful B2B Marketing advice being given to CEOs.  Nigel says this because every B2B Marketer is doing the same thing, i.e. demand generation or lead generation by hiding/gate-keeping content behind an email request in order that sales can telephone to get an appointment.

Key Takeaways...

Whilst this approach dates back to the 50’s, most people prefer not to give out emails and receptionists refuse to allow cold-callers to speak to the person who downloaded the document.  Even the marketing automation platforms are stuck in the 50’s as their objective is to distribute and track, via IP addresses and then by joining the IP address to an email address to give a company a clear picture of the browsers behaviour.

One of the main drivers for the salesXchange framework Social 334 was the realisation that many B2B marketers did not have a definitive plan that included podcasting and video, let alone applying a strict approach to the creation of, what is simply termed, a blog.

Nigel & Liz talk about the best way to exploit SEO and you’ll be surprised, it’s not simply to get your articles stuffed with a few keywords.  Rather, it is to apply a process to a blog/article that ensures the ‘piece’ is extremely helpful, answering multiple questions and is regularly edited and re-dated to ensure browsers don’t think you’re slacking.  This also ensures your articles gain positioning in the Google ranking on the search engines.

Enjoy the podcast…

About the Host

Nigel Maine is a sales and marketing veteran with over thirty years experience. He has a knack of calling it what it is without dressing it up! If you're a CEO and want to get a good handle on B2B Marketing, not because you have to do it, but to quickly learn, Nigel's your man...