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Season 1 - Episode 4

Is SEO Really that Important for B2B Sales?

B2B Marketing Talk for CEOs, VPs & Sales Pros

In this Episode...

In this episode I am joined by Liz and together we talk about the importance of maintaining visibility in order to sell to a business community, but also discuss our views on the various activities we have all been persuaded to undertake simply to stay in business.

Key Takeaways...

Don't believe the hype.  There are so many self-proclaimed 'marketing gurus' out there, it's easy to be deceived into believing you need to keep all the 'plates spinning' to either stay in business or make your business successful.  There is a better way, but like anything, it takes hard work or should I say pre-planning and patience whilst the preparation is being undertaken.

None of this is rocket science, but I believe people who simply chase the money will always feel like its like a hamster in a cage running on the wheel, trying to get ahead.

We have used a speech-to-text platform to provide a pretty good transcript.  I would say it's about 98% accurate.  But the point here is that you can see what we've done and that one hours of talking equates to No.16 full pages pages of A4 text that the search engines will pick up and reference back to your website if you do the same.

Pause...take five...grab a coffee and listen how our podcast could affect your business.


There's nothing specific for this podcast as we're having a chat over coffee ourselves.  But if you've come to this page 'direct', take a look around the site and download some of the documents, watch a few videos and start to get a different perspective on marketing your B2B organisation.

About the Hosts

Yes, Nigel and Liz are married :) Nigel is a sales and marketing veteran with over thirty years experience. He has a knack of calling it what it is without dressing it up! If you're a CEO and want to get a good handle on B2B Marketing, not because you have to do it, but to quickly learn, Nigel's your man...

Liz has also been involved in technology sales, and marketing and event administration, planning and execution.  A great person to have on your team to get things done...  

Podcast #04 Transcript

Is SEO Really that Important for B2B Sales
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