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Season 3 - Episode 8

B2B Strategy For Getting New Business S3 Ep8

Digital Selling for CEOs, VPs & Sales Pros

In this Episode...

Missed Your Sales Target Again? Discover The Only Viable New Strategy For Getting New Business in 2023/4 and Beyond!

How’s your pipeline? Are you on target? What do your next few months look like? Still waiting for leads?

Is marketing ‘smashing’ their KPI’s? Do you feel like you’ve been shut down and silenced if you complain about their performance?

We both know that not much has changed in B2B sales for the past ten years or so, and so it’s unsurprising you might be questioning what’s going to happen next.

Since the emergence of marketing automation and demand generation, sales strategies have been hijacked by marketing, restricted the earning potential of salespeople, and cornered much of the available budget each year, simply because boards of directors have been misled by the empty promises of marketing.

The reality is that sales has changed and if you try and bring back the hey-days of yesteryear you are going to be disappointed. finding interested parties is nigh on impossible and when you do find business prospect, they don’t want to meet you, and certainly not face-to-face.

A quick heads-up, your prospects want to self-serve, self-educate and remain anonymous until they’re ready. Marketing have known this since 2014, when they found out 97% of businesses didn’t want to fill out a form. Did they tell you? No. Yet still they bang on about demand gen, lead gen and ABM.

There are few opportunities these days to watch, listen, and evaluate a new approach that dispenses with marketing and places sales firmly back in the driving seat.

Digital marketing and automation are the definitive ‘emperor’s new clothes. If there was ever a live show salespeople needed to watch, it’s this one.

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