Podcast Episode: 03

The Marketing Moments of Truth

B2B Marketing Talk for CEOs

In this Episode...

This podcast is the audio taken from one of our sX videos which explains the psychology behind the buying process and how that correlates with the whole marketing mix, marketing technology, prospect nurturing and ABM.

Key Takeaways...

There is so much noise in the marketing space today with all the players claiming to have a better strategy than the next.  Our Marketing Moments of Truth podcast explains the backstory to the buying process and looks to help you get a 'top-down-view' of marketing and all its various elements to help you make better informed decisions when instructing staff, contractors and agencies.


Take a look at our video if you prefer.  there are some ilustrations shown or, if you prefer, take a look at the Consultancy page of this website, where you can click through The Marketing Moments of Truth diagrams.

About the Host

Nigel Maine is a sales and marketing veteran with over thirty years experience. He has a knack of calling it what it is without dressing it up! If you're a CEO and want to get a good handle on B2B Marketing, not because you have to do it, but to quickly learn, Nigel's your man...
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