Podcast Episode: 11

Don't Let Marketing Go Back to the Old Normal

Digital Selling for CEOs

In this Episode...

Nigel and Liz Maine, the Founders of salesXchange give you an insight to some of the problems associated with current day marketing and give some cast-iron reasons to not go back to the way marketing has been done in the past.

There really is a powerful reason to not keep doing what you've always done and getting what you've always got!

Key Takeaways...

The business landscape has been changing since the 1950's, cold calling has been reduced to a 400-1 shot and chasing people down, simply because they visited a website is a sure-fire way to upset potential prospects.

Listed to this enlightening podcast as it may possible change your outlook to marketing forever.

About the Host

Nigel Maine is a sales and marketing veteran with over thirty years experience. He has a knack of calling it what it is without dressing it up! If you're a CEO and want to get a good handle on B2B Marketing, not because you have to do it, but to quickly learn, Nigel's your man...

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