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Join us when we 'Go Live' connecting with people and businesses around the UK
to talk about generating new business and all the opportunities to help you grow.

Stop Cold Calling for New Business!

B2B Live Streaming is the most effective and productive way to reach your audience.  Simply invite them to watch you or your sales people share their stories and your products with an eager select group of prospects who want to learn before they buy.

We recently streamed our first few B2B Live shows about 'How to do it...', the kit you need and just as important, what you need to have in place to make sure you maintain your prospects engagement for the long-term.

Streamed LIVE

01 Digital Selling vs Digital Marketing

02 Live Stream Studio, Software, Switchers & Set up

03 Customer Acquisition on Steroids and for Peanuts

04 Where do prospects go after the stream

05 Get your business 'sales-ready' (digitally that is...)

06 The Three Pillars of New Business Growth

07 Six Week Review & What else can this be used for?

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