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The Engagement Scale P3


Once you've crafted your content, it's crucial to let your Total Addressable Market (TAM) know it exists. Direct posting of blog links on social media is no longer effective; the visuals often fail to capture the essence of the articles.

Focus on creating the right content that clearly communicates about your business and products. Treat each piece like a unique project and promote it extensively. Since there's no physical storefront, use social media graphics like digital flyers to spread the word.

To cut through the digital noise, a robust system is necessary. Previously, it took about ten messages for a brand to become familiar when only a third of messages got through. Now, with platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook, it takes about thirty messages to achieve the same familiarity, and you'll need to send out over 300 due to increased online activity.

Systems like Hootsuite and Recurpost can help automate this process, allowing you to schedule and send out multiple posts across various channels without duplication. You can efficiently manage over 1,000 posts per month across different platforms, maintaining each sequence for up to two years simply by updating the posts in line with new content.

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