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Digital Master Checklist

Digital Master Checklist Infographic thumb


Every action must have a reaction.  Our Excel speadsheet checklist (with drop-down menus) established the following:

  • Identifies each individual General, Secondary, Primary and Product content item and confirms the URL of the 'call-to-action'
  • Confirms all corresponding adverts for a Social 444 strategy, i.e. Ad type (PPC or Banner etc.), Ad Location, Posting Method and Email Code
  • Lists the location where all component files are saved
  • Authorisation for sign-off

Our Digital Master Checklist ensures we know who the audience is, what we're presenting to them, how we're going to let them know the ocntent exists and what we expecft them to do once they've read or seen the content.

Only then you can manage what you're doing and decide if you need to edit or adapt the clontent to improve performance. 

Digital Master Checklist Infographic