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Digital Workflow

Digital Workflow infographic - thumbnial

Digital Marketing vs Technology Demands

  1. The Moments of Truth explain where your prospect is at throughout their process.
  2. The Marketing Funnel shows the selling cycle in conjunction with the content you need to provide.
  3. The Awareness Stage correlates the typical activities for sales and marketing
  4. The Experience Flow highlights the elements that can help trigger events
  5. The Technology Stack shows what software is used at each stage
  6. The Technology stack II list some of the 8,500 suppliers of MarTech
  7. The Nurture Track illustrates the frequency and intent of youer content being distributed by the MarTech.

  • Moments of Truth infographic
  • Marketing Funnel infographic
  • Digital Selling Prospect Awareness
  • Marketing Experience Flow infographic
  • Marketing Technology Stack infographic
  • Marketing Technology Stack Part 2 - Infographic
  • Marketing Nurture Tracks - Infographic