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Marketing Guide for iPad

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A Brief Guide to Marketing

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When I started in business, it was all sell, sell, sell.  Over the years, things have seriously changed and now, those of us who cut our teeth cold-calling must now demonstrate our prowess by ensuring we are equipped with the latest tools and technology to continue with our success.  This Brief Guide to Marketing is for anyone who wants a short introduction to the current basic strategies with a view to structuring their business to exploit the digital way of doing business.

As you will see from this website, we have a different view of marketing and sales, especially when it comes to getting our message out to new prospects.  We know we have to 'play-the-game' to the extent of keeping in front of businesses who are only thinking about changing.  And the same goes for your business to business marketing.  It all starts with a new idea that develops into a full-blown desire to change and that is what we want to help you achieve through our marketing information, books, downloads, videos and podcasts. 

Download the above Slide Document in a PDF format and see how it compares with your current activity .

If you only have a blog then by definition you are ignoring 66% of your potential market; now you have to evaluate the popularity of video and podcasts, which is reaching staggering proportions.  Then consider that 60% or more of the exploration is conducted by your prospects before you even start talking to them, which makes for a strong argument to create as much content as possible to capture prospects, whilst they're not actually talking to you, but are engaging with you.