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The B2B Marketing Reset Playbook

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Thirty years experience in one book:  Over 35  pages of diagrams and explanations revealing the essential foundational steps every business needs in place to ensure a successful plan.  For too long marketing was based upon dated strategies that relied upon immense human resources and no long term structures.  Now, everything can change for your business.

Who said The Marketers were right?

If we have learned one thing from the coronavirus lockdown and the proliferation of COVID 19 news, it is, no one seems to have a consistent story and it's simply a case of 'he who speaks loudest, gets heard'.  It's a bit like the HIPPO statement, i.e. the highest paid person in office, makes the decision.

The trouble is, marketing people come and go.  They talk a good game and as a result they're given some slack and allowed to play with your money - if only for a short while. 

Statistically, senior marketing people only keep their jobs for 18 months, so it is clear they either get found out in the end or simply do as they're told by senior people who have never studied marketing - even if they started the business some years ago and are brilliant business people, marketing needs to be systematic and this cannot be achieved by simply installing marketing automation.

The reality is, no one has a get-rich-quick strategy.  there never was one in the first place.  What is, and was always needed was a reliable and strategic approach to marketing that could be easily understood and replicated to the point of maintaining consistency and therefore seen as delivering a constant and credible message. 

There is 'no one thing'...

I have heard time and time again "show me the one thing we need to do!"  It does not exist, simply because, when it was 'one thing' it was telesales in the 50's, 60's and 70's.  It's been changing since cable and satallite TV and of course, The Internet.

It is impossible to know how prospects like to consume information, so our only hope to properly engage with people is to provide everything they need to enable them to read, listen and to watch...

Digital Selling Content Flow Chart Infographic

Know Your Strategies

Businesses have been mislead for many years due to a lack of clarity about the expectations of different tactics relating to marketing strategies.  This is as a result of marketers not quantifying the content required and ensuring they put in place the relevant activities for maximum exposure to achieve the required results.

Once you understand what types of content you should be creating, you will be clear about the activities required to exploit that content.  Different strategies require different tactics yet all efforts are to drive traffic to the same primary and product content on your website.

The most shocking statement within the playbook is the amount of time it can take to 'get the ball rolling'.  This will be determined upon the amount of content uou already have and the type of relationships you have already begun. 

Note:  It takes seven to ten 'connections' to become recognisable to a prospect.  Of all your emails or contact attempts, one in three get through.  therefore, you must have at least thirty contact 'tactics' in place ready to be sent out.  Now you have to consider if a company tried to contact you thirty times.  You would delete them pretty quickly if they bombarded you every day.  therefore you have to spead out your communications.  Perhaps over 30-50 weeks!  And that is the crux of the marketing problem - time.  This is why we recommend we talk about your business and how you can minimise the time duration to start business calling you without cold-calling them.