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The Digital Selling Business Launch Guide

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A Guide to Delivering the Best Customer Experience, Ever...

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Download our Launch Planning Guide: 34 pages showing you how to develop a brilliant strategy for the most effective new business or promotional event ever.  Whether you're starting out or a seasoned professional, this guide highlights the ultimate event planning checklist and activities so your team don't miss a trick.

There's more to a launch than just a few drinks...

As you read through this white-paper, you will soon realise that there's more to a launch than inviting a few selected prospects out for a drink and something to eat.

This important document charts the launch planning process from start to finish, covering just about every aspect of project managing your event from inception to launch and to review. 

Perfect Preparation

We provide examples, illustrations and check lists for you to apply and think about before your spend a penny on your launch.

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An event is all about new business

If you don't have any overall 'call-to-action' then start thinking about one!  You're not a social service, therefore your attendees know that in return for attending the event, you most definitely want something from them.

We share our ideas about how you can maintain engagement and offer unique elements to your event that will lock in your guests to not want to go anywhere else.

How to get your top prospects in one place

If you followed sX Social 444 or your own successful growth program, it will have been operating for some months and the overall successful activity now culminates in a launch event to your new prospects (not because you have a new product).  These people are eager to hear how you're going to help them in their businesses.

How to approach hospitality?

Before you even mention business, this is your opportunity to demonstrate to relative strangers how you approach hospitality.  How you treat people at this event will lay the foundations for the rest of your relationship with them.  The food, service and the complimentary 'Bag-o'-Goodies' all work together to help make your prospects feel valued.

The Main Event

From planning the overall timing of the event to the pre-event drinks and the Master of Ceromonies involvement.  We make sure you have an excellent grasp on how your event is going to flow from start to finish, with nothing left out and so no 'tumbleweed' moments.  This guide helps you plan a slick, professional and exciting event that you will want to repeat time and time again as part of your overall marketing strategy.

Download The sX Launch Guide