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Social 334©
- The Ultimate Business Exposure Strategy -

An explosive marketing strategy:  20 Pages, packed with diagrams, examples, explanations and details how to transform your B2B Marketing into the most effective and consistent sales and marketing powerhouse operation you have ever experienced.

The approach has changed, so should you!

Back in the day, it was ok to cold call,  it was ok to do mailshots and it was ok to send out unsolicited emails.  Why? Because everyone was getting to grips with the new technologies.  Now, it's not ok.

After twenty years in sales and marketing and ten years of research, we have developed the correct formula to fix a marketing strategy that no longer works.  

We're sharing what we learned as business owners, starting with the fact that most CEOs don't hand over large sums of money to employed members of marketing staff and let them go and play.  As a result, most marketing teams simply do what they've always done, with a few tweaks here and there. 

It's a bit like not getting sacked for buying IBM.  But, when you consider that supermarkets place their most profitable items on shelves at eye level and television advertisers use repetition to hit their message home, it's little wonder why B2B marketing is so inconsistent and, on the whole, ineffective. 

It's not simply about the money/budget.  We show you how exploit your content and not waste any marketing budget.

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