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The B2B Technology and Marketing Handbook

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The Perfect Business Companion

The Business Technology & Marketing Handbook - INTEGRATE, is the ideal guide to help ensure your teams are self-sufficient when being tasked with business processes that impact your overall ROI, especially when connecting business technology with operations.

This 260 page business manual is packed with diagrams, examples, explanations and details how to review and analyse existing costs and technology to ensure you are getting the most from your equipment.

New technology is designed to deliver a return on investment, this is the expectation of research and development teams!  Unfortunately, it can transpire that the expectations are lost in translation and only a small segment of the true value is explained, either at the time of purchase or at the time of installation.

The Business Technology and Marketing Handbook provides a standardised framework for your staff to work to, or can supplement your existing directives.

Why Integrate?

Integrate is a functional strategic workbook aimed at helping organisations of any size understand the thought processes behind, and implementation of current technologies that have been designed to increase income. 

When applied correctly the recommended systems can increase the profits of a company forever, however the business owner needs to be aware of how separate systems, not necessarily sold by the same companies can be installed to work together creating the most incredibly sustainable infrastructure, a fact that most IT Managers and Directors are unaware of.

The book illustrates how companies can afford the investment in new systems, from both a sales and a management perspective, which includes a clear working strategy to establish the Return on Investment.

Combining state-of-the-art technology hardware and Software as a Service (SaaS) with up to date, sales and marketing strategies the book will help companies maximize their profits. The book covers business analysis through to establishing the all-important Return on Investment (ROI). From most types of popular systems to some you may not even know exist, we show exactly how to identify each profit-making area of a business and explain what the research and development departments intended their equipment be used for - to help make money.

Information, analysis and methodologies based around technology and sales, Integrate is an essential tool for every business that wants to generate a return on investment from technology and wants to stay ahead of the game without constant investment in human resources.

Book Chapters

Company Review

Setting the scene, establishing what components are already in place and who manages them.  Helping the business evaluate where they are and where they want to go.

Finance Review                     

Taking stock of costs and keeping overheads to a minimum.  Presentation of the ROI calculators in order to help businesses establish the true cost of their existing infrastructure and their future investment in technology.

Technology Review             

What’s available, how they work independently of other products, how differing technologies can help businesses generate income and what is needed to make these systems work together.

Management Review         

Look before you leap.  First there needs to be a solid and stable foundation. Once all elements are in place internally the business can then make progress towards implementing a technology infrastructure that will generate profit. This includes analysis, Technology Teams and Staff Manuals.

Marketing Review               

This review ensures that marketing activities are accurately considered and not so it will cost a company a small fortune.  These areas of business generation are essential for any business to grow, however carried out in conjunction with a planned technology infrastructure it will guarantee success for any business.

Marketing Technology

There has been a significant change in the way marketing is executed and as a result new technologies and software as a service can be used, but first, the business must understand what’s available and how it connects together.

Business Plan

Now that the business owner is clear about technology and marketing, a series of forms and checklists are provided to help guide them in the right direction.

Reason for the Book

Having worked in the technology sales and marketing industries for nearly 30 years, Nigel Maine came to realise that technology sales companies are all pretty similar i.e. they sell their products as quickly as possible, for as much as possible and get on to the next customer. 

Each reseller has their quota to sell from the manufacturers and therefore they must persuade their respective teams to concentrate on their chosen “Manufacturers’ Product”.  The reality is that these companies are not capable of supplying everything the customer may want or need, as it would take too long to train the resellers staff and almost impossible to support every product that would be required by the customer. 

The onus is then placed on the purchasing Managing Director to decide on the best strategy for his/her company.  However, the IT Manager focuses on technology and the Sales Director on Sales and Customer Services on Customers; rarely do they combine their resources to evaluate the most profitable direction and then source products that would benefit them all accordingly.

Selling to each department may work for a reseller; but it is a poor strategy for the customer.

This book focuses on the end result for the customer and, step-by-step, pulls together the disparate strands of business function to create a genuine successful strategy in a simple and comprehensive fashion to help businesses create profitability with the aid of technology.

Why is Integrate unique?

  • It’s a handbook for Managing Directors, Sales Director and IT Managers
  • It is a proven formula to achieve ROI and guaranteed to work
  • No other book like it exists
  • It combines an acute awareness of sales, marketing and business process
  • Nigel Maine has implemented all systems himself and the book is therefore written from first-hand experience

A Guide for your Teams

When you do need to replace or install new equipment or software, the Integrate Handbook provides a framework for your staff to ensure the supplying company give you and your teams every necessary idea and strategy needed for their product to work successfully in your business.

Supporting Documentation

In writing this book, multiple documents and spreadsheets were created to help business owners and employees alike, quickly create a documented infrastruture that embraces the need to install new technology - fairly regularly.

The following No.11 documents are held within the .zip file below:

  • Internal Company Manual Index
  • Internal Technology Management
  • Reviews Checklist
  • Supervisor Checklist
  • Technology Site Documentation
  • Extensions & Lines
  • Extensions Only
  • Lines Only
  • ROI Phase One to Phase Three
  • Marketing Strategy Illustration
  • Marketing Automation Workflow


Technology & Business Handbook - Front Cover - thumb

Keith Hubert - KHDB Management Systems "Integrate will enable any company to maximise their marketing process."

Clive Mulligan - Business Advisor "Nigel and this book demonstrates his clear experience and expertise of his subject."

Paul Horowitz - Entrepreneur "I would thoroughly recommend Nigel's book and his expertise to anyone who wants to get more out of their business."

Gary Evans - Business Coach "Nigel's approach and book is like having your own toolkit."

Ivan Newman - Brand Marketing "His approach establishes a level of credibility in Nigel Maine's expertise."

Stuart Brooks MCIPR - Blackbird Comms "Think of Nigel's approach to that of a compass designed to steer business owners and decision makers on a journey of learning when there's not necessarily just one answer."