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Executive Summary

In this article, we discuss the limitations of traditional marketing techniques and how businesses can revolutionise their growth strategies by adopting a more effective approach to content, email, and social media advertising. We explore the importance of live streaming, digital selling, and engaging marketing content to replace outdated telesales and cold calling methods.

Table of Contents

  1. The Flaws in Traditional Marketing
  2. Embracing Digital Selling
  3. Live Streaming as a Powerful Marketing Tool
  4. Utilising Social 444 and Advertising
  5. Actionable Key Takeaways
  6. FAQs
  7. Conclusion

The Flaws in Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing techniques, such as cold calling and reliance on marketing automation, have proven to be ineffective for many businesses. The reasons for this include:

  • Marketing automation is designed for one-to-one sales journeys, which is not suitable for B2B marketing.
  • Pay-per-click advertising often results in invisibility from search engines, and businesses miss out on valuable SEO.
  • Linear marketing campaigns fail to account for the non-linear way businesses research and compare before making a decision.

Embracing Digital Selling

To overcome these limitations, businesses should pivot to digital selling. This approach focuses on:

  • Creating engaging, high-quality content that appeals to various preferences and formats.
  • Utilising email and social media advertising to reach out to business prospects.
  • Replacing traditional telesales and cold calling with modern strategies like live streaming.

Live Streaming as a Powerful Marketing Tool

Live streaming offers a unique way to engage with your audience, showcase your expertise, and build trust. By using low-cost access to live streaming technology like Blackmagic Design, businesses can conduct weekly live shows to connect with their target audience and answer questions in real-time.

Utilising Social 444 and Advertising

Social 444 is a powerful strategy that involves creating multiple adverts and posting them daily for four weeks, then repeating the sequence for up to a year. This approach increases exposure and brand awareness, ultimately leading to increased sales.

Actionable Key Takeaways

  1. Assess your current marketing strategy and identify areas for improvement.
  2. Embrace digital selling and live streaming as powerful alternatives to traditional methods.
  3. Utilise the Social 444 strategy to boost your online presence.
  4. Create content with perplexity and burstiness to engage readers.
  5. Monitor your progress using tools like Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager.


Q: How can live streaming benefit my business?

A: Live streaming allows you to engage with your audience in real-time, answer questions, and showcase your expertise, ultimately building trust and credibility.

Q: What is Social 444?

A: Social 444 is a marketing strategy that involves creating multiple adverts and posting them daily for four weeks, then repeating the sequence for up to a year, increasing exposure and brand awareness.

Q: How do I measure the success of my new marketing strategy?

A: Utilise tools like Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager to monitor key metrics such as website traffic, conversion rates, and user engagement. Regularly assess your progress and adjust your approach as needed.

Q: What platforms should I consider for creating images and visuals for my content?

A: To create compelling images and visuals, consider using platforms like Mid Journey, Adobe Firefly, and Microsoft Designer. These tools can help you create visually appealing content that engages your audience and supports your marketing objectives.


By embracing digital selling, live streaming, and engaging content, businesses can revolutionise their growth strategies and reach their total addressable market more effectively. Don't miss out on the opportunity to transform your marketing approach and boost your sales. Watch the video to learn more about these powerful strategies.

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30 April 2024

How to Master B2B Growth using Digital Selling Techniques

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The author and founder of salesXchange, Nigel Maine is a B2B marketing and sales expert with a proven track record in scaling up growth for Technology, SaaS, and Professional Services organisations. With 30 years hands-on experience and unique approach, Nigel has developed an effective strategy that dramatically increases exposure and profitability for B2B organizations.

Nigel has founded multiple start-ups, is a published author, public speaker and hosts both a podcast and business live streaming show, broadcast on LinkedIn Live, YouTube & Facebook. He also has extensive knowledge of MarTech software, creative hardware and software, and A.I. prompting tools.  Contact: 0800 970 9751 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.