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00;00;00;29     Hi my name is Nigel Maine I'm the founder and Managing Director SalesXchange. One of the things I wanted to talk about today was the issue of consistent income consistent business consistent new business at that. You don't really need me to expound or expand on what it means when you don't get consistent new business but for those of you that want me to just

00;00;34;22     not prove a point but to demonstrate that we know where we're coming from and what we're doing new business doesn't just happen. We know that new business happens is a. As a result of consistent regular exposure to people that you're able to tell your story to and that's it that's it.

00;01;00;15     That's the bottom line. How many people you get to tell your story to and the less frequently you do that the less new business you get to enjoy. So one of the problems with businesses is that you we I can employ anybody that we want we can. We can recruit financial people. H.R. people admin people I mean that technical people you name it we can

00;01;29;27     get hold of anybody that we want. But the biggest problem is getting hold of decent marketing people and decent salespeople and that that they're necessary not exclusively but connected. They have to be connected they have to know what the end to end story is about the company started marketing and it finishes with sales. One can't do without the other one is not more special than the other just

00;02;02;23     because some salesperson goes and closes the deal. 

00;02;06;03     You cannot detract from the efforts that have gone in by marketing over the previous year 18 months of keeping information content out there. If that's what you do and if you do then that's great. But we're not talking about businesses that are making it and doing it. We're talking about businesses that tend to struggle. I mean that's what business can be about. It can be a struggle cause some of the foundational building blocks not

00;02;34;12     there and they're not being exploited on a regular basis. So if you look at your business your new business and your new business activities you have to see and evaluate what you're doing. And it could be difficult because it's not the smoke or but something happens within businesses that that stops people managing directors that is from being able to see the wood for the trees. There's so much going on and I came across funnel takes some while ago and

00;03;12;11     the funnel Little is a is a platform that you're able to track and follow your workflow and generate new business online so you can have a banner from a banner to a to a landing page in a video and have a form fill that links to an email series which links to information being sent out

00;03;37;13     which links to call to actions which link to people signing up and so it is the ability of looking at your exploded method of operation and seeing where people come in what they connect to what their reaction can be to something that you've presented to them and how they become customers. 

00;04;00;29     And so it's looking at the not the customer experience but the prospect experience you know people are so keen on looking at or what do we do for the customer. How are we doing this for the customer. But when it comes to the prospect does that prospect journey look correct. Does it work and a lot of people don't know how it works properly or not? Well we just keep sending out I mean is this some statistical information that says it takes about 10 give it to call it 10 because the numbers are

00;04;34;15     easier. It takes about 10 direct connections 10 touches to get an organization to lift its head to recognize you, so you go OK we send out 10 emails for argument's sake say that 10 a.m. Ah wait a second. Only one in three get through because of spam. Spam folders and people don't take any notice, or they delete it straight away and so on. So if one in three get through that means you got to have 30

00;05;03;26     things that are being sent out that can precipitate an engagement by a prospect to your company but you couldn't send 30 out in a day or one every day because you know if someone did that to you you'd get the needle. You'd be serious. At dare you keep spamming me every single day so you got a spread out over a period of time. Yet there are different touch points and different locations where you can

00;05;35;04     put things like on social media or you send something, or you post something or you invite them to something and the list goes on. 

00;05;42;13     So what we do as business owners we have to determine what's being done via marketing because if you're not getting excuse me if you're not getting consistent business right now it is because your marketing team aren't doing it accurately or properly. So there needs to be some adjustments made but buck stops with you because you hold the purse strings so that the important thing to look at is what can you do. To start moving things down the correct path to get that new business

00;06;22;13     happening and the knock-on effect a staggering you think about it. So. So you create a mechanism a structure that delivers new pieces on a regular basis. It's not dependent on the weather. It's not dependent on some salesman. It's not based upon someone who's got the gift of the gab who's got a good area or anything like that is based upon you as an organization being in

00;06;44;23     control of it saying right we're going to send these this information out we're going to be consistent with this. I mean it's this this isn't particularly P.C. but my opinion is if they're not performing sack them it's as simple as that. If you're not doing it get rid of them because they're no good to you. Someone turns round to you from a marketing perspective and says I need you to spend 60 grand and most people's response is you've gotta be

00;07;12;27     joking, I’m not doing that. But you take someone on and pay them 60 grand on a promise on the basis of what they did their previous company they went they did what they did okay there they prove to you at the interview stage that they did the figures that they say they did but they may have lost it. 

00;07;34;17     They might've got complacent and got lazy and …who knows. You don't know but if you look at the way the salespeople work they don't split test themselves. They don't say right I'm going to go to this appointment I'm going to say this I'm going to go to this appointment to say that I see which one comes out the best they can to just go Well I've always done it this way I'm going to make sure I do it the same way and hopefully I'm gonna get another do and nobody says to everybody they speak to you they just don't.

00;08;03;17     It's just never happens that way. So that's why recent wave of really keen on helping organizations systemize their marketing win with your marketing and you could employ any you know you can attract any salespeople you want I would much rather organizations had less sales people but were able to sell more. Kate simply because they're using marketing tools and marketing strategy

00;08;39;03     strategies and structures to ensure that they're getting consistent inbound traffic so you look at the bit the first part of this and the first part is if you're not getting consistent business a company's got a problem and it's stressful. The knock on effect of not getting consistent businesses is awful because

00;09;02;16     it's almost like looking at the lifetime value of the customer. And if you're not realizing that lifetime value is going to cause problems you can start perhaps signing deals flowerbed and or not supporting people properly because there's not enough money to do it. 

00;09;15;23     And the knock on effects is shocking so if you get it right in the first place and get your new business mechanism nailed down in the first place it means that your flow of new business is simpler and more consistent but then it also means that the way that you're able to look after your customers long term is also consistent. And so that's the that's the transition so you go from is it was like not the fear factor but you're not I mean it being stressed out because

00;09;46;17     there's not enough business happening on what other sales guys doing so on to right. We get inconsistent business come in on a on a regular buy. That's fine. Let's keep working on it keep building on that because once you start realizing that new inquiries will drop in from that consistent new business activity you can start planning how many salespeople you need. Do you need to take on more. I would mind one. I want my salespeople rushed off their feet and we just can't handle the

00;10;19;24     leads. Great. I'll take someone else on and in addition instead of the later rubbish marketing into a failing we know we're not getting any new inquiries. I'm having to do cold calling myself I'm having to act like a BTR and go on go on LinkedIn and try and find new business besides nonsense. I should not be doing that. My view my record my most desired recommendation. 

00;10;44;13     You have a great marketing team a great bunch of people that are generating this information and generating these inquiries and it is consistent and your salespeople go out and close it to it's not we all know is a numbers game it's always been a numbers game but the key is to be able to manipulate the numbers to tweak the numbers to tweak the activities to improve it to make it happen. And that's not unfortunate but doesn't happen because sales Peyton or

00;11;13;25     suspect marketing people are. I'm a marketer so but but I'm going to say marketing people don't take risks very few because you can sack them. If faith if they mess up you come and go. You may start be fired I get someone else in and you take someone else on who says oh look why did in my previous job you go Great we'll do it here then not realizing that that way doesn't work anymore. He's changed. So whether you're looking at video or whatever type of content you're

00;11;48;15     looking at producing consistency is the key. Absolutely the key because there's no point wasting. I don't think there's no point wasting money on ledger salespeople paying big salaries company cars and all the other stuff that goes with it and the cost of training them up that marketing play second fiddle. Absolute madness.

00;12;09;28     So that's the kind of the driver here which is inconsistent. New business is a result of inconsistent marketing environment bother about SB so that the next part is what's the change what would you change this. 

00;12;27;14     And in simple terms because you know we're not we're not saying well here's his our product. You must buy our product and this is the answer to your or your problems. It's not about that. It's there. There are two key strategies and that the first one is we call it social. 3 3 4 and social 3 3 4 is about producing 3 content items and publishing

00;12;56;01     them three times a day on social media over 4 weeks. 3 3 4 and then you repeated and the point of this is that you do you produce all of this information content in advance. Don't do it one at a time do it order advance you can adopt not adopt. You can appoint different resources in buying as fast contract as a conservative right. I want all this work done in advance upfront and by doing it in advance

00;13;27;25     upfront. If you were to lay it all out on a whiteboard per say or big screen you can see all of your videos all of your blogs all of your landing pages all of your adverts all of your podcasts and to see what they look like as you kind of flow month to month week to week to week and so on. You go on and that looks good. I'm happy with that I can see I can see our tone of voice and so once that starts moving and you've got you've created this journey this prospect

00;14;00;16     journey then you you've done the work you publish it automatically using Edgar or some of these other automated platforms and wait for the inquiries to come in. 

00;14;13;24     And then you've you know you're going to send that information out to people that are either already on your list or you've already got data in an email list or someone like that and you're able to communicate with them. So I can see this new content coming out. There's a message here. You know get make sure you've got your brochures. I mean we could we can only speak from our own experience. We always do. We do it it works for us. And this is the this is the key thing. You know you did the great thing about marketing and about marketing

00;14;48;10     entrepreneurial marketing ideas is not everybody's going to do it that's that really excites me because if everybody did it you can't this becomes difficult to differentiate user but eat because you've got early adopters. You can say right you do it you do it you do it. You have groups of people that are doing it. They're the ones that are going to own their space on social media until

00;15;16;22     the other people catch up. And that's the really exciting thing about 3 3 4 and launch which is about you know once you've once you done your three three four and you communicated with all these people you're then able to say right we're going to we're going to launch our business down to these people that we've started communicating with and invite the viewer Vineland for lunch you invite them for an event somewhere say a local hotel and space or say you you've got a captive audience you're only 50 hundred fifty twenty

00;15;46;16     five. 

00;15;46;27     That might make a difference. But people that are genuinely interested in what you do. People like you and that's what this all boils down to you're not trying to sell to everybody you're trying to sell to people like you and your messages need to be clear enough and succinct enough for people to go on like him are. I can deal with him. I see what he’s saying, yep yep I'm ready. I've seen it I've listened to them I've got the inside track on a company I feel because I can see and I can see them I can hear them I can you know I

00;16;18;01     can watch them you know you you've read the book now watch the film or vice versa. So these all these things that get the come together and that's what we want to encourage people to do do the three four do the launch you know ton rock and roll because once you've once that's happening once you're enjoying the fruits of your labor you can take it in the next step which is to join a syndicate you join a group of people and get access to their customers so that the social solution on social but the sales

00;16;51;04     exchange syndicates and one of the products going from one of the products the way that we orchestrate we sell. But the important thing is is that you know you're watching these videos we're putting information out there. Because we're doing something different. 

00;17;12;12     We haven't just got videos going out there we've got downloads we've got brochures for you to download. We've got podcasts we've got all these different methods that enable us to communicate our message and that the important thing about this is that we want to encourage you to do the same and as a managing director you can say well okay I'm up for individually going out or I'm not or I'm going to tell

00;17;39;07     so-and-so to get on to this we're going to start doing this. You've got nothing to lose if you're planning on being in business next year you have to plan for it it's still just going to happen. We know it doesn't just happen. And if you plan on being a business long term and you're not looking just to for a foot for the exit that five year exit strategy if you're looking to do is because you what you like doing it and you good. You're good at doing what you do. You want to plan for the future. So therefore here is a long term strategy for the future end of starting with three four then launch then syndicates where you go.

00;18;12;15     So that's all for me for now. And so until the next time I’m Nigel Maine I'm the founder Managing Director salesXchange and I look forward to chatting with you again in the next video.

13 May 2023

How to Master B2B Growth using Digital Selling Techniques

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Executive Summary

In this article, Nigel Maine shares his insights on a more effective and profitable way for businesses to grow and reach their total addressable market by switching up exposure.  Nigel talks about, restructuring content, using email and social media advertising banners, and inviting business prospects to a weekly live stream show, Maine suggests that companies can replace traditional telesales and cold calling methods. This innovative digital selling approach aims to generate new business more effectively and efficiently.

Table of Contents

  1. The Importance of Consistent Marketing
  2. The Social 3 3 4 Strategy
  3. Launching Your Business with Live Stream Shows
  4. Syndicates: A Collaborative Approach to Business Growth
  5. Key Takeaways
  6. FAQs
  7. Conclusion

1. The Importance of Consistent Marketing

Nigel Maine emphasizes the need for consistent marketing, which helps to establish a steady flow of new business and supports long-term customer relationships. By getting your new business mechanism right, you can better plan your resources and avoid the stress of dealing with insufficient leads. Consistent marketing also allows your sales team to focus on closing deals and growing your business.

2. The Social 3 3 4 Strategy

The Social 3 3 4 strategy involves producing three content items, publishing them three times a day on social media over four weeks, and then repeating this process. By creating content in advance and using automation tools to publish, businesses can ensure a consistent presence on social media, ultimately leading to more inquiries and sales opportunities.

3. Launching Your Business with Live Stream Shows

Once the 3 3 4 strategy is in place, Maine recommends launching your business with live stream shows. By inviting a captive audience of interested prospects to these events, you can further engage with your target market and build relationships with potential clients.

4. Syndicates: A Collaborative Approach to Business Growth

As your business grows, consider joining a syndicate or group of like-minded entrepreneurs to gain access to their customers and resources. This collaborative approach can help expand your network and increase your sales opportunities.

Key Takeaways

  1. Consistent marketing is crucial for establishing a steady flow of new business and supporting long-term customer relationships.
  2. The Social 3 3 4 strategy helps maintain a consistent presence on social media, generating more inquiries and sales opportunities.
  3. Launching your business with live stream shows can further engage your target market and build relationships with potential clients.
  4. Joining a syndicate or group of like-minded entrepreneurs can help expand your network and increase your sales opportunities.
  5. Embrace the digital selling approach as an effective strategy for generating new business and reaching your total addressable market.


Q: What is the Social 3 3 4 strategy?

A: The Social 3 3 4 strategy involves producing three content items, publishing them three times a day on social media over four weeks, and then repeating this process.

Q: How does the live stream show fit into the digital selling approach?

A: Live stream shows serve as a platform to engage with your target market, build relationships with potential clients, and showcase your business offerings.

Q: What are the benefits of joining a syndicate or group of like-minded entrepreneurs?

A: Joining a syndicate can help expand your network, increase your sales opportunities, and provide access to valuable resources and customers.


Nigel Maine's innovative digital selling approach combines consistent marketing, the Social 3 3 4 strategy, live stream shows, and collaborative syndicates to generate new business and reach your total addressable market. By adopting these methods, businesses can replace traditional telesales and cold calling techniques with more effective and profitable strategies. For a deeper understanding of this approach, be sure to watch the video where Maine provides exciting and punchy explanations to guide you towards the overall digital selling approach as the most effective strategy to generate new business. Embrace this approach, and you will find your business growing and reaching new heights.

Go to our Digital Selling pages to see how you can change the way you work and scale up your business.

Learn about digital selling


The author and founder of salesXchange, Nigel Maine is a B2B marketing and sales expert with a proven track record in scaling up growth for Technology, SaaS, and Professional Services organisations. With 30 years hands-on experience and unique approach, Nigel has developed an effective strategy that dramatically increases exposure and profitability for B2B organizations.

Nigel has founded multiple start-ups, is a published author, public speaker and hosts both a podcast and business live streaming show, broadcast on LinkedIn Live, YouTube & Facebook. He also has extensive knowledge of MarTech software, creative hardware and software, and A.I. prompting tools.  Contact: 0800 970 9751 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.