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Knowing what to post and where?

All you want is for your business to stand out from the competition and to start new conversations with people who like what you're doing.  It's not much to ask! The trouble is, the old way of marketing has stopped working because technology has reframed the way we consume information.  Now if we want something, we Google it...

Back in the day, not just before the lockdown, it was ok to cold call.  It was ok to do mailshots and it was ok to send out unsolicited emails.  Why? Because everyone was getting to grips with the new technologies.  Now, it's not ok. You've only got to consider, according to Gartner, 83% of research is done digitally by your prospects before you even start talking to them, which then makes for a strong argument to create as much content as possible to engage with prospects before you start speaking to them. So how do you get in on the silent conversation?

It is impossible to know how prospects like to consume information, so your only hope is to provide everything they need for them to read, listen and watch...

These days, everyone has a Smartphone. No one can second guess what type of information someone likes to 'consume' or when or how they will consume it.  The three choices are to read, watch or listen.  We all do all three when it suits us and so do our customers, therefore we don't have a choice about the type of content we have to create to get on their radar.

I have analysed and revealed what has been holding back so many B2B companies for decades and now have made it completely accessible and available for B2B organisations to take advantage of this knowledge right now.

If you only have a blog then by definition you are ignoring 66% of your potential market. But you have to evaluate the popularity of video and podcasts, which is reaching staggering proportions.  A Forrester Report in 2019 stated that only 1% of prospects who traverse the so-called funnel become paying customer.  so what's with all the hype about marketing automation and lead scoring!!! 

An Essential Content Structure

Below is an illustration of the marketing structure we put in place as part of the overall B2B marketing strategy.
Content Structure

Automated distribution is essential for success!

To make it easily identifiable, we call it Social 444 and it's the ultimate 'set-and-forget' social media content distribution and exposure strategy needed to grow your business without paying huge sums to sales and marketing departments or agencies. 

You need to own your space on social channels like LinkedIn or Facebook, but need to cut through the noise of all the other businesses on your target markets' newsfeeds.

To succeed as a B2B Digital Selling Consultancy in today's arena, we have to be extremely confident and have a stack of experience to challenge virtually every B2B marketing consultant in the UK.

At present they're all recommending to gatekeep content via marketing automation platforms and fork out huge sums to Google for Pay-Per-Click to get marketing qualified leads (MQL's) and simply deliver a minimal campaign that constantly needs to be 'topped up' thereby keeping them all in employment and engaged by their clients, i.e. you.  We're about to put a stop to all that.  That is if you want your business to fly...  

B2B Professional Services

We offer a variety of services:

  • Digital Selling Consultancy
  • Digital Selling Discovery Audit
  • Digital Selling Workshops
  • Digital Transformation | CMO
  • Digital Speaking Engagements
  • Digital Content Production

Take a look...

Prepare a Content Library in Advance

The strategy is simple; prepare all the necessary content you need, in advance, based upon General, Secondary, Primary and Product as I have explained in previous articles and in the video below. You must provide a variety of content for prospects to consume that is of exceptional high quality, that includes a combination of BlogsDownloadsPodcasts and B2B Videos. On top of these, you need to start live streaming 'Live!' on LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube, simultaneously, which can dramatically increase your exposure and content.

Create 120 Adverts - Social 444

Next, create 120 adverts in the form of graphics, short videos, motion graphics and memes that, relate to and, promote the content that you have created above.

Three to six adverts then are created to promote each of the content items you have.  That means a combination of memes, graphics, video clips and audio ads (for the podcasts) are created and are posted, multiple times a day on any social media platform you choose. 

We all have short attention spans when it comes to content.  Throughout our lifetimes we have been exposed to adverts on every communications medium.  B2B marketing should be no different.  Short adverts to promote the main feature!

An automation platform (like www.smarterqueue.com) will post four adverts, four times a day, everyday for thirty days.  The monthly sequence of adverts are repeated as often as required, but we recommend preparing applying it for up to twelve to eighteen months before you need to start replacing or adding more content. 

Create Multiple Adverts for Every Item





General Content

 cant hear you

Article Content

 334 wise v7

General Content

32 CMO Fired

Too many marketing organisations make the mistake of treating B2B Marketing the same as B2C or personal brands.  You're selling to businesses who want your products to increase their efficiency and they demand a return on investment. 

This is your business and you're not going to pay someone to sit online posting multiple times a day.  Your content library will mean you're not attempting to spam social media platforms with only a handful of articles as you will have multiple, different types of adverts that promote your content to keep browsers engaged and interested.

Rebrand your images

The largest item prospects see is the 'relevant' image.  Every image you use for articles, videos or podcasts on your website is referenced and picked up by a search engine.  Therefore, make sure you brand your image with your logo and colours.  Also, make sure your website uses Open Graph so that your desired image is caputured by the social sites and not any secondary images you may have used.

Below are our thumbnails we use on social media to illustrate four different content offerings and our branding. Over time, these visuals have become recognisable and familiar in newsfeeds whilst not looking like just another 'load' of stock photos.  We also 'brsns' any stock phots we do use and make them black and white as you can see at the top of the page.

Repurpose existing content or create new articles

Film everything; customers, staff and products

01 Why should CEOs know

Record everything; ideas, interviews, discussions

Offer everything; guides, brochures, workbooks

Social 444 - The Bedrock of your Success

Social 444 is the foundational approach your business needs to attract and engage new prospects. Social 444 draws people to look at your content.  It's all about people-buy-people and your business needs to attract prospects through educating them with your content.  That's why they were on Google in the first place.  Once they become aware you genuinely want to help them and teach them your 'best practices', that's when they will begin to sign up to your webinars, seminars, and events and eventually to become customers.   

Part of your infrastructure may well include a Marketing Automation Platform.  But remember, these platforms are only a transport mechanism for sending your 'timely' messages to receptive and willing prospects, once they've first agreed to let you market to them, it's essential you get their permission.  The content you create and interest it generates will make your investment in marketing automation worthwhile. 

What's next? We've taken the logical approach; you'll either do this yourself (and we've provided everything you need in the download link below) or you'll ask us to do it for you.  If you ask us, we will provide costs based upon analysing what you have already that can be repurposed and then create a plan for the new work required.

Investment Funded, Startup or Established Business

Some businesses will want us to start from scratch e.g. if you are a start up or have no content.  This means we will create the content as well as acquire a database of your targeted market and connect with it in order to establish your new or existing business.

We also have a spectacular strategy to connect with and start engaging new prospects using a combination of pay-per-click on LinkedIn, email and live streaming.  If this is something you're interested in, then watch the above video, you'll love it.

And that's it.  Don't forget, we have all the nec essary 'in-house' and connected resources to deliver any level of new business generation for your Startup or Established business.  So let's have a conversation!

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