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Executive Summary

This article presents a game-changing approach to B2B sales, using digital selling and live streaming as core components to drive business growth. By pivoting from traditional telesales and cold calling, businesses can engage with their total addressable market in a more effective and profitable manner. We will discuss a comprehensive strategy that utilizes email and social media advertising, live streaming shows, and personalized content creation to connect with potential clients and increase sales opportunities.

Table of Contents

  1. Get Ready to Pivot your Business
  2. The First Pivot is to Make Changes
  3. Start to Fly Above your Competition
  4. The Power of Digital Selling and Live Streaming
    • Embracing the Digital Landscape
    • A.I. Images & Visuals
    • Live Streaming as a Sales Tool
  5. Building an Effective Email and Social Media Advertising Campaign
    • Targeting Your Ideal Audience
    • Crafting Compelling Adverts
  6. Hosting Weekly Live Stream Shows
    • Choosing the Right Platform
    • Preparing Your Content
  7. Creating Engaging and Informative Content
    • Copywriting for Success
    • Utilizing Podcasts and Video Content
  8. Optimizing Your Online Presence
    • SEO and SEM Strategies
    • Analytics and Tracking
  9. Investing in the Right Tools and Technology
    • Live Streaming Equipment
    • Design and Editing Software
  10. Establishing Your Company's Credibility
    • Showcasing Your Expertise
    • Building Trust with Your Audience
  11. Five Pivoting Key Takeaways
  12. FAQs
  13. Conclusion and Next Steps
    • Embracing the Future of B2B Sales
    • Leveraging SalesXchange's Expertise

1. Get Ready to Pivot your Business

B2B business owners, deep-down, wanted the whole digital marketing thing to work. It didn’t, rather, it doesn’t, however, as no one has a better suggestion, everyone keeps doing what they’ve always done, and keeps getting what they’ve always got, resulting in an average turnover per person per annum of approximately $140,000.

In today’s economy, business owners need to be innovative in terms of marketing which means they need to become exciting, engaging and interesting centres for resources over and above that of their competition.

Done properly, there would be no need for salespeople (oh! think of the cost savings there!) as marketing would/should answer all the questions and people would simply buy. 

This was a concept shared almost fifty years ago by Peter Drucker, management consultant, educator and author of countless books on business and consultancy.  And things haven’t really changed, not yet anyway.  Link to article aboutPeter Drucker

Technically, business products like software and hardware may still need someone to explain how the product aligns with a set of requirements, but we both know this can probably be done with video in all its different forms, i.e. conferencing, live or/and recorded.

Now that the status quo has changed, how do businesses pivot?

2. The First Pivot is to Make Changes

The first ‘Pivot’ is to make a change in the dependencies within an organisation.  To reduce the number of salespeople and increase the content needed to satisfy the appetite new prospects have during their research stage.  Your capacity to connect with new prospects is only limited to the quality of your content and quantity of prospect data.  Link to our article about CMO's, Consultants and How to Pivot to Digital Selling

Next is to review the prospect’s journey.  This needs to correlate with the documentation/content you have made available so a prospect can self-serve to the point of sign-up and helping them navigate your business funnel. Read our article here.

True Digital Transformation empathises with prospects, customers, and staff, ensuring all three parties are intrinsically linked throughout their respective processes within your business. Read our article about Digital Transformation.

It’s not about creating a bland systematic structure.  Rather, it’s about presenting an authentic, vibrant company and products that makes others think “I like them, I’ll do business with them because they have thought about me and perhaps they’re like me.” This applies to prospects, customers and staff, existing and future employees. 

Useful Links to author Seth Godin:-

3. Start to Fly Above Your Competition

The ‘Pivot & Fly’ strategy is simple; create as much content as possible and then advertise it.  It’s what B2C marketing has been doing for decades yet it hasn’t translated very well in to the B2B sector because, in my opinion, of the reluctance of the marketers again, doing what they’ve always done and getting what they always got.

 There are four stages; Exposure, Engagement, Education and Close: - 

  • Exposure - Create an adverts that satisfies the initial reaction of holding someone’s attention for a few seconds. People want to know ‘what’s in it for them’ within about five seconds. They, we, want a short advert and to know the gist of the offer before committing any more time to it/your offer.
  • Engagement - The ‘offer’ is your article, podcast, video, live show, or event etc., Your objective is to create interest to encourage businesspeople to click on the advert to look at what you are presenting.
  • Education - The advert catches their attention, encouraging them to follow through and commit to reading or watching the full ‘feature’. The content serves the buyer’s appetite to self-educate, research and learn. If it’s well written or produced, they will remember you and possibly be open to a micro commitment depending on your call-to-action within the content.
  • Close – It takes time for people to become familiar with a new business or product.  Ensure you have everything possible and available online to enable a prospect to self-serve and buy from you online or at the very least provide them with the information explaining how they can buy from you and the stages necessary.

Link to our article about SEO, Content and what Google says that constitutes a good article.

We’ve not changed very much since the 1970s, however B2B organisations have relied on salespeople, almost at the exclusion of marketing, as marketing was to create the pretty pictures and not account for the 70% ‘silent conversation’ of the sale. 

4. The Power of Digital Selling and Live Streaming

Embracing the Digital Landscape

With the rise of the internet, digital selling has become an essential part of any successful sales 'pivot' strategy. Gone are the days when a well-dressed salesman held the keys to product information. Today's buyers conduct extensive research online before even contacting a supplier. This shift in buyer behavior necessitates a new approach to sales, one that prioritizes the "silent conversation" that takes place during the research stage.

A.I. Images

Because we're talking about selling at scale, you must have the tools to help facilitate this process.  When it comes to selecting images and visuals, it is important to evaluate these platforms - Mid Journey, Adobe Firefly and Microsoft Designer

Live Streaming as a Sales Tool

Live streaming presents a unique opportunity for businesses to connect with their audience in real-time. By hosting weekly live shows, you can showcase your expertise, engage with potential clients, and build trust in a more personal and interactive manner. This not only sets you apart from the competition but also allows you to establish deeper connections with your audience.

5. Building an Effective Email and Social Media Advertising Campaign

Targeting Your Ideal Audience

To maximize the effectiveness of your marketing efforts, it's essential to identify your target audience (Your Total Addressable market). This includes determining your preferred vertical markets, geographic regions, and business types and sizes. By tailoring your messaging and content to this specific group, you'll be better equipped to generate interest and drive results.  The most effective approach is to apply our Social 444 Strategy, check out the details, you'll love it.

Crafting Compelling Adverts

The key to a successful advertising campaign lies in its ability to capture attention and spark curiosity. By utilizing tools like Adobe Express and Canva Studio, you can create eye-catching graphics and video adverts that invite prospects to learn more about your offerings. Remember to focus on what's in it for your audience, and make your call-to-action clear and compelling. For more tips and guidance, visit salesxchange's adverts page.

6. Hosting Weekly Live Stream Shows

Choosing the Right Platform

The center-point of your pivot will be to start live streaming.  When it comes to hosting your live stream shows, selecting the right platform is crucial. Consider options like YouTube Live, Facebook Live, and LinkedIn Live, depending on where your target audience is most active. Remember to integrate ChatGPT to facilitate seamless audience interaction during your broadcasts.

Preparing Your Content

Before you go live, plan and prepare your content to ensure a smooth and engaging show. Develop talking points, incorporate visuals, and include any relevant demonstrations or case studies. Be prepared to interact with your viewers and encourage questions and discussions throughout the live stream.

7. Creating Engaging and Informative Content

Copywriting for Success

Effective copywriting is an essential component of your digital selling strategy. Whether you're crafting social media posts, articles, or emails, your content should be engaging, persuasive, and informative. Utilize storytelling techniques and write in a conversational tone to connect with your audience on a deeper level.

Searching Questions

When it comes to selling to consumers, it's easy for a buyer for example to enter 'Nike Womens Trainers' and a raft of search engine results pages (SERPs) will appear.  For B2B it's different.  Buyers are looking for answers to questions.  B2Bs don't do blogs, we do articles, therefore, your ungated articles offer answers to questions.  It doesn't matter how many answers to questions you have as long as you provide a comprehensive answer in a manageable format that can be easily navigated on a mobile phone.  Look at out B2B Live Streaming Articles Frontpage to see some of the questions we answer.  You need to do the same.

Utilising Podcasts and Video Content

Incorporating a variety of content formats into your strategy can help you reach a broader audience. Podcasts and video content offer unique opportunities for storytelling and connection, allowing you to showcase your expertise in new and engaging ways.

8. Optimising Your Online Presence

SEO and SEM Strategies

A strong online presence is essential for digital selling success. Implementing SEO and SEM strategies can help improve your visibility in search engine results, driving more traffic to your website and live streams. Consider optimizing your website's content, including meta titles, descriptions, and headers, to target relevant keywords and improve your search rankings.

Analytics and Tracking

Monitoring your performance is crucial for continuous improvement. Utilize tools like Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager to track your progress and make data-driven decisions about your digital selling strategy.

9. Investing in the Right Tools and Technology

Live Streaming Equipment

To produce high-quality live streams, investing in the right equipment is essential. Consider partnering with Blackmagic Design for low-cost access to top-of-the-line live streaming technology and equipment.

Design and Editing Software

Visual elements can greatly enhance your content and overall brand image. Tools like Adobe Creative Cloud and Canva can help you create professional-looking graphics, videos, and other visual assets for your digital selling efforts.

10. Establishing Your Company's Credibility

Showcasing Your Expertise

As a seasoned professional, showcasing your expertise is crucial for building trust with your audience. Share your knowledge and experience through article posts, case studies, and testimonials and especially, tell browsers about you and your journey on your company's about page .

Building Trust with Your Audience

Developing strong relationships with your audience is key to long-term success. Engage with them regularly through live streams, social media, and email to foster trust and loyalty.

11. Five Pivoting Key Takeaways

  1. Develop a targeted email marketing campaign and create eye-catching social media banners to attract and engage your audience.
  2. Host weekly live stream shows, choosing the right platform and preparing engaging content to connect with your target market.
  3. Create compelling content, including copywriting, podcasts, and video, to showcase your expertise and drive audience engagement.
  4. Optimize your online presence through effective SEO and SEM strategies, and track your progress using analytics tools.
  5. Invest in the right tools and technology, such as live streaming equipment and design software, to create high-quality content and establish your company's credibility.

12. FAQs

Q: How do I choose the right live streaming platform for my business?

A: Consider factors such as your target audience, the platform's features, and potential reach when selecting a live streaming platform. Popular options include YouTube Live, Facebook Live, and LinkedIn Live.

Q: What type of content should I include in my live stream shows?

A: Plan and prepare talking points, visuals, demonstrations, and case studies that are relevant to your audience. Encourage viewer interaction by asking questions and engaging in discussions throughout your live stream.

Q: How can I optimize my website for search engines?

A: Implement SEO strategies, such as targeting relevant keywords, optimizing meta titles, descriptions, and headers, and creating high-quality, unique content to improve your search engine rankings.

Q: What tools and technology should I invest in for digital selling?

A: Consider investing in live streaming equipment, design and editing software, and analytics tools to produce high-quality content and track your progress.

Q: How can I build trust and credibility with my audience?

A: Showcase your expertise through blog posts, case studies, and testimonials on your company's about page. Engage with your audience regularly through live streams, social media, and email to foster trust and loyalty.

13. Conclusion and Next Steps

Embracing digital selling and live streaming is an exciting and unparalleled opportunity to revolutionize your business's sales and marketing efforts. By leveraging the expertise of salesXchange, you can easily pivot and fast-track your progress to gain a competitive edge in your industry. Don't miss out on this unprecedented chance to transform your business and secure long-term success.

Remember, embracing digital selling and live streaming is an extraordinary opportunity to revolutionize your business's sales and marketing efforts. Don't miss out on this unparalleled chance to transform your business and secure long-term success.

As a next step, we encourage you to explore the various pages on this website, watch the informative videos, and immerse yourself in the wealth of knowledge and resources available. This unique approach to sales and marketing could very well be the secret to your business's future growth and prosperity.

Go to our Digital Selling pages to see how you can change the way you work and scale up your business.

22 April 2024

How to Master B2B Growth using Digital Selling Techniques

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The author and founder of salesXchange, Nigel Maine is a B2B marketing and sales expert with a proven track record in scaling up growth for Technology, SaaS, and Professional Services organisations. With 30 years hands-on experience and unique approach, Nigel has developed an effective strategy that dramatically increases exposure and profitability for B2B organizations.

Nigel has founded multiple start-ups, is a published author, public speaker and hosts both a podcast and business live streaming show, broadcast on LinkedIn Live, YouTube & Facebook. He also has extensive knowledge of MarTech software, creative hardware and software, and A.I. prompting tools.  Contact: 0800 970 9751 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.