47 Alt B2B Marketing Strategy

Before you read on, think about this; you clicked on my link, therefore my approach worked and I got your attention.  The chances are, I'd do the same for your company too...  

After a ten year quest, I have finally worked out and created the alternative B2B marketing and scale up strategy to increase profitability, exposure and achieve long-term success. 

This revelation is way too important to mess around with automation buy-in forms and cheesy tactics.  I simply want to get the information into the hands of directors, as you are the only people who can effect a change within your company without it being filtered by other people or departments.

All you need do is watch the videos and execute the strategies yourself.  Naturally, if you want an expert to join your business to get these strategies executed quickly and effectively, then contact me.

I have a saying...

If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always got!

In a nutshell, current B2B marketing strategies are not fit for purpose. They are driven by a herd mentality of marketers who have bought into marketing automation, pay-per-click and landing pages.  They try to sell poor  content, combined with cold-calling to cover up their failure, which everyone hates. 

This is Amazing - You must compare it against your existing strategy.  It changes everything.

I can't tell you how fired up I am to be able to say that I've worked it out.  From my early days selling technology and getting frustrated as a director to embarking on a journey to understand why marketing wasn't working, I now  understand why creative people do not achieve the level of interest they are being paid to achieve. 

Don't take my word for it.  Watch the videos and decide for yourself.  The order they're in are as follows: -

The first is a presentation crafted along the lines of a TED type talk.  That's why it's 15 minutes long.  The video has an intro to the current state of the market, explains a little about my background as a tech related director and provides an overview of the strategies you need to adopt to transform your business to Digital Selling. 

The second is a deep dive into Digital Selling where I explain how things need to be set up, what's involved and how each element interacts with each other. 

The third video explains how your internal organisation chart can be changed to accomodate and adopt Digital Selling and the impact it can have to significantly increase exposure and profitability and at the same time reduce overheads and head count.

Here's the link to the Excel spreadsheet - New Organisational Chart I mention in the video.

And finally, the last video explains how we work, what we charge and what we would do for you, if you'd like us to get the ball rolling in your business. 

The four videos illustrate genuine digital transformation that dovetails with true digital selling, which is essential for any business that wants to scale up, increase profitability or to simply wants to stay solvent.  

This really is a big deal.  Just watch the videos and I guarantee you will change your existing marketing operations in a heartbeat. Thank me later :)   

If you still have an appetite for one more video, here's my About Us video, so you can really get to know me before you engage my services...

P.S. Every business wants marketers who have experience in achieving success.  But I say because the average tenure for CMOs is only 18 months, very few businesses have experienced genuine success.  How can they if their senior staff keep moving on or get fired.

Digital Selling will be your secret weapon.  And if you've watched the videos, you'll know that I developed the strategy, I documented it and I have achieved this as an independent consultant.  I have no intention of broadcasting my strategy as I want to work with businesses who are keen to get a headstart on their competition and scale their businesses under-the-radar, to become super-successful.

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