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13 May 2023

How to Master B2B Growth using Digital Selling Techniques

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Executive Summary

Using digital selling has become a crucial aspect of the modern B2B landscape, and businesses need to adapt to stay competitive. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore the key concepts and strategies for effective digital selling in the B2B space. Learn how salesXchange Ltd, a B2B sales and marketing consultancy specialising in live streaming, digital selling, and new business development, can help your business thrive in this digital era.

Digital selling is transforming the way businesses engage with customers, prospects, and partners. By leveraging technology and data-driven insights, companies can create personalised, relevant experiences that drive revenue and long-term growth. In this guide, we will explore the various aspects of digital selling, its benefits, and how to implement it effectively in the B2B space.

Table of Contents

  1. Transform Your B2B using Digital Selling
  2. Why Digital Selling Matters for Your Business
  3. Essential Digital Selling Tools and Technologies
  4. Developing a Successful Digital Selling Strategy
  5. Transform Your B2B Leveraging Live Streaming and Video Marketing
  6. The Art of B2B Digital Selling Transformation
  7. The Future of B2B Sales: Embracing Digital Transformation
  8. How salesXchange Can Help Your Business
  9. Takeaways
  10. FAQs
  11. Conclusion

1. Transform Your B2B using Digital Selling

The B2B landscape has changed significantly with the rise of digital selling and new technologies. This shift has prompted businesses to reimagine their sales processes and adapt to a more data-driven, customer-centric approach. By leveraging technology, businesses can connect with customers and prospects at scale, offering personalised solutions that cater to their unique needs and pain points.

Historically, businesses had depended upon telesales and BDR's to telephone potential companies in order to establish if they were open to a conversation.  We both know this is not a productive use of anyone's time.  Current stratgies and objectives are still geared around finding prospects and matching them with salespeople.  However, the odds of finding an interested party has dwindled to single digit percetages and is definitely like trying to find a needle in a haystack. 

2. Why Digital Selling Matters for Your Business

First and foremost, digital selling is centered around giving prospects what they're looking for.  Providing great content for them to self-serve, self-educate and buy from your organisation as easily as possble.

As with all business directives where people are involved, there is also a high cost to consider.  However, transforming your B2B to digital selling means a significant reduction in acquisition costs.  Digital selling matters because it allows businesses to:

  • Enhance customer engagement by offering personalised experiences
  • Improve sales efficiency through automation and data-driven insights
  • Reach a wider audience with targeted marketing efforts
  • Boost ROI by focusing on high-value prospects
  • Stay competitive in a rapidly evolving B2B landscape

3. Essential Digital Selling Tools and Technologies

Whereas before your salespeople would be expected to contact and visit prospects as often as possble, the emphasis on digital selling is to transform your B2B operation to a new structure that enables prospects to buy from you rather than your salespeople having to continuously sell.  Whilst it might seem like pie-in-the-sky, it is important to recoognise how you, as a business owner actually buys products and services for your company. 

To succeed in digital selling, businesses need to adopt a range of tools and technologies, such as:

  • CRM systems to manage customer data and interactions
  • Marketing automation platforms for targeted outreach (but not using landing pages and email forms)
  • Social media management tools to build brand awareness and engage with prospects as well as automating the distribution of adverts on social media
  • SEO and SEM for driving organic by applying topical authority clusters and paid traffic in the form of banner advertising to attract new prospects
  • The key elements of digital selling are as follows:
    • Face-to-Face Selling via Teams or Zoom
    • Live streaming regular weekly show to prospects, anywhere in the world
    • B2B Video marketing to provide a wide range of content from interviews, case studies, training to product demonstration
    • Podcasting to provide an alternative media option to engage with your audience

4. Developing a Successful Digital Selling Strategy

A successful digital selling strategy involves:

  • Defining your target audience and buyer personas
  • Developing a content strategy tailored to their needs and pain points
  • Implementing an effective SEO strategy to improve search rankings to get their attention
  • Utilising social media to engage with prospects and promote your brand on auto-pilot
  • Leveraging marketing automation to streamline outreach and linvite your total addressable market to watch your showsead nurturing
  • Measuring and analysing performance to optimise and refine your approach

5. Transform Your B2B Leveraging Live Streaming and Video Marketing

Live streaming and B2B video marketing have become essential components of a successful B2B digital selling transformation strategy. By creating engaging live streaming content and video marketing campaigns, businesses can:

  • Demonstrate their expertise and thought leadership
  • Showcase product features and benefits in real-time
  • Build trust and credibility with prospects
  • Engage with customers on a more personal level

From a purely practical perspective, there are a few other benefits of this combo.  Starting with Live Streaming; once the equipment is all set up, it's pretty much show up, tun on the mic's, light and cameras and press 'go-live', on multiple channels.  And the best part is, there's no editing, everything is pre-planned and your salespeople do all the hosting and presenting.

when it comes to B2B Video, the first thing to point out is that you've already got the hardware to shoot enything, in your offices or even at a customers offices.  When it comes to editing video, you naturally have two choices; do it yourself or contract it out.  There are literally hundreds of people and contractors who are wliiing to do video editing, from online sites like Fivrr to specific websites to YouTubers offering their services.

6. The Art of B2B Digital Selling Transformation

If there was an art of B2B digital selling transformation, then implementing the multi-media aspect of it is definitely the biggest part.  It plays a crucial role in enabling businesses to embrace digital selling and whilst it involves adopting new technologies, processes, and mindsets to deliver that personalised, data-driven experiences, it is the variety of content that is being produced that drive new business sales and revenue growth.

7. The Future of B2B Sales: Embracing Digital Transformation

As technology continues to evolve, businesses must embrace digital transformation to stay competitive. By adopting digital selling strategies and leveraging the latest tools and technologies, businesses can enhance customer engagement, improve sales efficiency, and ultimately, drive revenue growth.

It's easy to say you have no choice, but when looking back over the past twenty years, businesses, especially B2B's, have been seriously held back by a significant amount of misinformation created as a result of a Big Tech, Mar-Tech narrative, misconstruted, deliberately or otherwise about the effectiveness of B2B marketing and implementing B2C marketing because that's where all the big-bucks are made.

Business buyers acquire new items out of necessity, from company finances and demand an ROI.  Consumers buy items because they want to look good or because the individual wants them, paid for out of their own pockets.  these facts alone preclude the existing marketing strategies or demand gen, lead gen and ABM.

8. How salesXchange Can Help Your Business

At salesXchange, we specialise in live streaming, digital selling, and new business development strategies for B2B businesses. We'll help you develop a comprehensive digital selling strategy tailored to your unique business goals Implement cutting-edge tools and technologies to optimise your sales processes

Leverage live streaming, B2B video marketing and podcasting to engage with customers and prospects, drive growth and long-term success through digital marketing transformation that al of your staff will love.

Key Takeaways

  1. Embrace digital selling as a core component of your B2B sales strategy.
  2. Leverage the latest tools and technologies to streamline and optimise your sales processes.
  3. Develop a comprehensive content strategy tailored to your target audience and buyer personas.
  4. Utilise live streaming and video marketing to build trust and credibility with prospects.
  5. Continuously analyse and refine your digital selling approach to drive long-term growth and success.


Q: What is digital selling in the B2B space?

A: Digital selling is the use of digital channels, tools, and technologies to engage with customers, prospects, and partners in the B2B space. It involves leveraging data-driven insights to create personalised, relevant experiences that drive sales and long-term growth.

Q: How can businesses benefit from digital selling?

A: Businesses can benefit from digital selling by enhancing customer engagement, improving sales efficiency, reaching a wider audience, boosting ROI, and staying competitive in a rapidly evolving B2B landscape.

Q: What tools and technologies are essential for digital selling success?

A: Essential tools and technologies for digital selling success include CRM systems, marketing automation platforms, social media management tools, SEO and SEM solutions, and live streaming and video marketing solutions.


In conclusion, embracing digital selling in the B2B space is essential to stay competitive and drive success in the modern business landscape. By leveraging the right tools, strategies, and expert guidance, you can transform your sales process and achieve significant growth. Don't miss out on the opportunity to excel in the digital age; learn more from salesXchange to harness the full potential of digital selling and empower your business with cutting-edge techniques. Let us be your trusted partner on this journey to digital sales success.

Go to our Digital Selling pages to see how you can change the way you work and scale up your business.

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The author and founder of salesXchange, Nigel Maine is a B2B marketing and sales expert with a proven track record in scaling up growth for Technology, SaaS, and Professional Services organisations. With 30 years hands-on experience and unique approach, Nigel has developed an effective strategy that dramatically increases exposure and profitability for B2B organizations.

Nigel has founded multiple start-ups, is a published author, public speaker and hosts both a podcast and business live streaming show, broadcast on LinkedIn Live, YouTube & Facebook. He also has extensive knowledge of MarTech software, creative hardware and software, and A.I. prompting tools.  Contact: 0800 970 9751 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.