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13 May 2023

How to Master B2B Growth using Digital Selling Techniques

Learn what to do next when it comes to writing more business.  Don't forget to pass it on!


In this video, Nigel Maine, an experienced marketing consultant, discusses the challenges businesses face in the marketing landscape and how they can generate more income. Nigel highlights that traditional sales and marketing strategies are no longer effective, as decision-makers no longer want to engage with salespeople.

Nigel emphasizes that the key to success is adjusting business ratios upwards, focusing on exposure and managing overheads. He believes that engaging with the 60% of prospects that businesses don't know about can be achieved through exposure and content creation. He insists on targeting the right segments and personas with the right content at the right time.

With expertise in selling technology face to face and attracting revenue through online channels, Nigel's marketing consultancy, salesXchange, offers customized end-to-end strategies for businesses. They provide a methodical and detail-oriented approach to help businesses succeed.

Key takeaways:

  • Traditional sales and marketing strategies are no longer effective.
  • Exposure and content creation are crucial for engaging with unknown prospects.
  • Targeting the right segments and personas with the right content is essential.
  • salesXchange offers customized end-to-end strategies for businesses.


Nigel Maine's salesXchange helps businesses succeed by focusing on exposure, content creation, and targeting the right audiences. With a wealth of experience and a track record of success, they offer the expertise needed to take businesses to the next level. Reach out to salesXchange to start a conversation and discover how they can help your business grow.

Go to our Digital Selling pages to see how you can change the way you work and scale up your business.

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The author and founder of salesXchange, Nigel Maine is a B2B marketing and sales expert with a proven track record in scaling up growth for Technology, SaaS, and Professional Services organisations. With 30 years hands-on experience and unique approach, Nigel has developed an effective strategy that dramatically increases exposure and profitability for B2B organizations.

Nigel has founded multiple start-ups, is a published author, public speaker and hosts both a podcast and business live streaming show, broadcast on LinkedIn Live, YouTube & Facebook. He also has extensive knowledge of MarTech software, creative hardware and software, and A.I. prompting tools.  Contact: 0800 970 9751 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

salesXchange Digital Marketing Consultancy

00;00;00;09     Hi, Marketing Consultancy is a funny business. On the one hand you've got individuals that claim they're superstars, demanding a fortune for example for charging a like a hundred grand just for an online sales page. 

00;00;17;14     On the other hand you've got people who are simply happy for a few hours work, you've also got the people who try and convince you that they do. Digital marketing. Yet they're actually just I say just but they're graphic designers who dabble a bit with a bit of CMS type websites and say that they're marketers, yet they've never actually sold anything face to face.

00;00;47;19     So all in all I think it's a bit messy out there. But it doesn't change your situation. I suspect you're looking for someone who can deliver a different spin on the attractiveness of your business and make that strategy stick. So it generates more income, it's not all about the pretty pictures. In 35 years of. being a business from selling technology in central London to marketing

00;01;20;14     consultancy and related services. I've experienced, I can say serious success at the sharp end and seen a variety of businesses fail, wondering why new business sales ended up being so difficult even when it appeared, they had every tool at their disposal. There are thousands of marketers who continue to follow what they've been

00;01;48;11     taught a college, university or online and that is, their job is to create some content, to gather prospect information, to generate leads, to hand over to sales - and to most people that sounds perfectly acceptable. 

00;02;06;25     Why shouldn't it be! So, how's that working out? Considering nowadays more than 60 percent of the decision-making process is done without your knowledge or people even engaging with you or me. I mean, the world's changed. The sales and marketing strategies that were formed between the fifties and late 80s, they don't work anymore. And by that I mean, the attempt to get in front of someone and tell them

00;02;39;02     your story and close them as quickly as possible. 

00;02;41;18     It doesn't work. I mean, people are wise to it and can more easily stop salespeople from connecting with them. LinkedIn has become the new form of cold calling and we know, 'people by people' but the amount of researchable information online is staggering. So why should a decision maker waste his time or her time talking to loads of salespeople. I believe there is one fundamental element that is causing this never

00;03;12;15     ending problem and this, I suppose, a stagnated position, it's because of the financiers, investors, accountants and bankers and all of the other people maintain the business descriptions for P & Ls, which is sales and marketing. Businesses still advertise for sales and marketing directors, lumping the two roles together but they're a world apart. 

00;03;39;26     I know this, but so do they, so the reason for this back story is to illustrate that something fundamental needs to change that will propel your business to sustainable, profitable, new levels. As the saying goes if you do what you're always done, you'll get what you've always got. 

00;04;06;02     I suppose that the easiest way, the salesXchange website itself, pretty much explains on every page and every video, every podcast, every blog that business ratios need to be adjusted upwards. And in doing so will change your exposure and your finances. UK statistics from BIS state that the average income per person per annum

00;04;31;27     for business to business organisations in the UK is about ninety grand. Hundred grand give or take. So, a 10 person company, million pound turnover and when you get to about 5 million you know, it's about 160 grand per person per annum. But how about this, Google one point two million per person per annum you might go well. So, what that's Google but is it there's a camera bag manufacturer Peak Designs, that do one point four six million per person per annum and that's

00;05;10;07     manufacturing. So there needs to be a change in the way that we organise our businesses to make them more profitable through exposure and through management of overheads. So anyone can suggest Cutting staff but that's  not the answer. It's about getting in on the conversation with the 60 per cent of prospects you don't know about and that can only be done through exposure and through

00;05;38;21     content. And plenty of it. And what we do is we create the strategies and the tactics you need to build this new armoury that will change the short and long term finances of your business. So, it's about targeting the right segments, the right personas, with the right content of your ideal markets, at the right time. 

00;06;06;03     We've got the expertise and experience to develop a customised end to end strategy to get the ball rolling. I know the position in and to help with that decision we created this website and the substantial amount of information, of varied information, for you to review without demanding your email address, so you can feel more comfortable about, I believe, I would like to think, about selecting

00;06;36;03     us out of the blue. You might say, then otherwise, than not. I'd like to think by now that you've probably noticed that we're pretty organized and methodical. We pay attention to detail and having sold millions of pounds worth of  technology face to face and attracted millions of pounds worth of revenue through online channels for different businesses. 

00;07;01;03     We've got the credentials that you need to have access to, to work with your business. So, basically saying we've got the T-shirts, we've been there in the trenches, we've done all the graft, the cold calling and so on and we know and we've developed a better way. I mean of course if you agree, brilliant and we look forward to hearing from you and just book a call, there's a button below I think, I'm pretty sure, at the very bottom of this page there'll be a button below just book a call and will have a

00;07;33;21     chat to take it from there, alternatively just contact us direct our numbers at the bottom of the page as well. But anyway that's it for me. Thanks for watching. And I look forward to hear from you and hearing about your business and see where we can take it, bye for now.