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B2B Marketing Collaboration

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How to Grow Your Business:

B2B Marketing Collaboration

Sharing Costs & Customers

New Economy | New Normal | Social Distancing | Lockdown | Stay Safe | COVID 19 | Coronovirus | Work From Home | Zoom Calls | Falling Stocks | Recesssion | Furlough | Redundancies | Business Failure | What's Next...

We have entered a new era in business; virtually no telephone contact or cold calling; no networking events; business development reps, sales people and marketing people are being furloughed or made redundant and businesses are struggling to work out how they can survive in this 'new economy'.

No matter your view on this, all businesses are now forced to redefine their operations from the top down.

B2B Marketing Syndicates

In light of current events, business continuity and new business generation could be seriously challenging, but not with sX Syndicates.  We have designed a collective strategy that addresses every aspect of your business continuity and development.  From connecting with new business, to maintaining a consistent marketing presence, sX Syndicates has been designed from a business owner's perspective and radiates efficiency, cost effectiveness, profitability and sheer panache when it comes to generating new business.

You've heard the saying "work smarter not harder!", well at salesXchange we create fully managed marketing syndicates that embrace the 'New Economy' by match-making five businesses, who sell to the same audience, but don't sell the same products or services, which overnight increases your exposure to new prospects.

  • We build a syndicate website and launch it
  • We upload all the customer contacts to our marketing automation platform and manage it
  • We plan monthly content and write it
  • We compile a newsletter and distribute it
  • We plan a meet-and-greet with everyone's prospects and promote it
  • We orchestrate an exhibition event each year and film it

And with the current guidelines around social distancing, we arrange for the meet-and-greet and exhibition events to be virtual and online - and we take care of everything.

We even appoint a business director to manage your group and meet (vitually, if necessary) with your new business teams, making sure there are no obstacles that might stop a healthly flow of introductions to each other's customers.

Massive Reduction in Costs

If you have reduced personnel in marketing, business development or sales then sX Syndicates will seem like a 'god-send'.  Joining a group is the equivilent to outsourcing your marketing and new business development team.  You increase your exposure by up to 400% and reduce your overheads by only paying 20% of all costs.  You don't need to manage anything or allocate any human resources - except to meet new prospects. 

sX Syndicates is the answer to new business development and sustainability in 2020 and beyond.

Advisory Services

We offer a selection of advisory services:

  • Sales & Marketing Review
  • Business Plan Audit
  • Marketing Workshops
  • Interim Marketing Director

Take a look...

sX Syndicates is what marketing is supposed to be about...

Every business needs new customers to survive, yet the typical strategies are simply not good enough or sustainable enough without employing large numbers of sales staff.

sX Syndicates is more cost effective than any other marketing strategy you've come across.  It is a structured, long term plan that releases you to grow your business by working 'on it' instead of always working 'in it' (Read The E-Myth, by Michael Gerber).  Download the brochure, watch the videos and listen to our podcasts. 

salesXchange Syndicate Marketing Strategy

Some example groups, which one are you in, or should we start a new one?

We connect businesses that can work together and sell together! See below:


Business Advisor
HR Consultant
Pensions Advisor

Office Tech

IT Consultancy
PC Maintenance
Software Training

Web Design

Web Designer
Graphic Designer
Public Relations


Office Furniture
Office Interiors
Data Cabling
Quantity Surveyor
Commercial Agent


Signs & Banners
Promotional Goods
Events & Incentives
Location Services


Its free to register your interest in joining a group.  We'll do the match-making and let you know who else is planning to get involved in your group type. 

Once a group can be completed, all members will be informed of each other.  If everyone is happy with the groups mix, we'll invite the members to meet online (Zoom/Skype) and, after being introduced and answering any questions, if everyone is in agreement, we'll go ahead.  And we take care of the rest, from building the website to setting up the automation platform and writing all the content.

Download the brochure for more details or book a call to have a chat about sX Syndicates or any other marketing issue you may have.

salesXchange Syndicate Marketing Infographic

Additional guides to download


sX brochure Social 334 front page

sX brochure Syndicates Front Cover

sX Compare Costs v3

Every organisation is different, so book a call when you're free and let's have a chat about your business to see how we can help...
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The Marketing Collaboration Brochure

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