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Adverts | Bumpers | Intros

As part of your overall presentation we recommend you have a selection of adverts to be used on social media and on your live stream and podcast.

New - Live Show Intro

Your live show will demonstrate to your prospects and customers exactly how much you value them by the effort you put into your content, starting with your introduction clip. 

Live Show Intro v1

Creating video 'collages' is a simple way to present as much information and content about you and your company in the shortest time possible.

LinkedIn & Facebook

Adverts can be uploaded to your feed on LinkedIn or Facebook.  If you want your advert to appear more frequently, you need to pay for your video to be presented to your preferred market or titled individual that the video is aimed at. 

Costs are based upon the number of times people will actually see your advert (Cost Per Mille - CPM) rather than the number of actual 'clicks'.


Depending on your objective, some adverts simply need to be eye-catching with a simple call-to-action.

Story Telling

One of many possible stories you can tell about how business has been challenged or how individuals have risen in the face of adversity.

Video | Introduction Clip

Whether you start a video with someone talking and cut to an intro sequence or start your video off with one.  Either way it adds to the professionalism and feel of what you're doing.

Video | Outro Sequence

Everything you do MUST have a Call-to-Action.  In this case it is an 'outro' video.  You can have adverts or mini-sales-pitches within the body of your video, podcast or live stream. But whatever you do, make sure you have one.

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